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Trinity Trigger has several DLC that can be purchased.

Extra Episodes[edit]

There are four quests that are available after completing The Warrior of Order in the main scenario. Each one features an extra story for a specific character.


Each character has a weapon that adds 3 Trigger Attacks that can also be used with the non-DLC weapon of the same type. They are available after completing A New Power in the main scenario. In either the Weapon Ring or the Weapon Customization screen, press Back button to change the weapon.

  • Azure Dragon Sword (Cyan)
  • Crimson Lotus Bow (Elise)
  • White Tiger Axe (Zantis)

Item Sets[edit]

There are several item sets that include consumable items or materials that can be purchased in shops or Verte Workshop for a limited number of times. None of the items are exclusive to DLC.