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Towns have several services. Liba is the main currency used for buying items. Some people may offer quests and will have an icon above them.

Buy, sell, and craft items
Restore HP and cure status ailments
Verte Workshop
Buy and craft Manatite


Shrines are where you can save the game and level up Trigger Attacks. There are two types, blue and red. Blue shrines allow you to fast travel to other blue shrines. Red shrines can restore HP and cure status ailments.


Triggers are summoned creatures that can turn into a weapon. Each weapon can be customized by selecting three Trigger Attacks to form a combo and equipping Manatite for passive effects. Trigger Attacks can be leveled up by spending TP. TP is earned by defeating enemies. Trigger Attacks can only be leveled up to the same level of the Trigger, which is indicated by the number of stars next to its icon. Triggers level up as the story progresses. Maxing the level of a Trigger Attack applies a level up bonus to the Trigger. The attack value is increased by the specified amount.

The weapon ring can be brought up by pressing R button. The game will pause and you can select a different weapon and change the equipped Trigger Attacks.


Attacking depletes the Synchro Gauge above a character. When it reaches 0, damage is reduced. It replenishes over time when not attacking. It also replenishes by performing a close call, dodging just before an attack hits.

When a weapon is glowing, Trigger Strike is available. Press X button to perform a powerful strike. The weapon will stop glowing but will glow again over time.

When the party has all three members and the bottom right yellow gauge is full, hold A button to perform Trinity Impact, a powerful attack. The gauge fills by attacking with weapons enemies are weak to and taking damage.

Weapon Auras temporarily boost a character with a passive effect. Press Y button when the Weapon Aura gauge next to the character portrait is full. Attacking enemies will refill the gauge.

Enemies have weaknesses to specific weapons and are indicated by the color of the damage numbers. White is normal, red is weak, blue is resist, and gray is nullify. Yellow numbers are critical hits.

Bosses have an armor gauge under their health bar that must be depleted before they will take damage. Attacking with a weapon they are weak to will deplete the gauge faster. Once broken , there is a window of time you can attack before the armor gauge reappears.

Some enemies may inflict status effects. They will disappear over time or can be removed with a status recovery item.

Image Name Description
Poison Take damage over time
Slow Move slower
Stun Can't move or attack
Seal Can't attack

The item ring can be brought up by pressing L button to use consumable items. Like the weapon ring, it will pause the game. Consumable items can also be used in the main menu.


Characters earn EXP when defeating enemies, which fills up the white gauge around the character's portrait. When they level up, HP is completely restored and maximum HP increases. The maximum level is 99.


Materials Not Included
Materials Not Included
Crafted 10 times at a shop.
Crafted 100 times at a shop.

Consumable items can be crafted if you have the corresponding recipe and enough materials and Liba. There is a bonus chance for extra items to be made without using additional materials. A success bonus rewards +1 and a major success bonus rewards +2.

Manatite crafting also requires having recipes, materials, and Liba. A success bonus results in a two star rarity and a big success bonus results in a three star rarity. More materials can be added to increase the chance of rarer Manatite.

Treasure Chests[edit]

Found It!
Found It!
Opened 10 treasure chests (excluding certain special chests).
There Must Be More...
There Must Be More...
Opened 100 treasure chests (excluding certain special chests).
No Stone Unturned
No Stone Unturned
Opened 300 treasure chests (excluding certain special chests).

Treasure chests are found throughout Trinitia and some are obscured by the environment. The mini-map tracks how many are in an area and how many have been opened. If you are already holding the maximum amount of an item, the contents of the chest will remain to pick up at a later time.

Some chests are traps and will attack when opened. Defeating them will drop a Manatite. They do not count towards the chest count in the mini-map.