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World 1 of Trip World takes place in a mountain range and consists of eight sections, filled mainly with animal-based enemies, and a Boss.

Section 1[edit]

Trip World1-1.png

There are no enemies or other hazards in this first part of the World. Simply jump across the hills towards the hole on the far right and drop down to the next section.

Section 2[edit]

Trip World1-2.png

The fruit at the beginning of this section powers you up for a limited time, letting you throw seeds at enemies to temporarily immobilise them; this attack replaces your kicking ability, however. The enemies here cannot harm you, but they may try to bump into you and push you away; be careful of them around spikes. You can either use the fruit power-up to stun them or kick them twice to defeat them. The hole on the left leads to the next part of the World.

Section 3[edit]

Trip World1-3.png

The beaver-like enemy can hurt you with its tail; take it out with two kicks, but be wary of its attacks. Pick up the heart flower if you should lose health; it will restore one point. The hedgehogs on the platforms extend their harmful spikes when you get near them, so keep at a small distance when you kick them or avoid them. Your kicks cause no damage to them, but you can kick them onto the spikes below to defeat them. Alternatively, you can bypass them entirely by using your flight form (hold Up dpad and press B button) to fly over or under their platforms; this takes some skill, however, as you need to watch out for the spikes and obstacle you may bump into while flying, as doing so causes you to fall straight down. Deal with the second beaver on the other side of the spikes and drop down the hole to continue.

Section 4[edit]

Trip World1-4.png

The star-like enemy at the beginning floats a bit, but is perfectly harmless and only takes a single kick to defeat. Though transforming is not necessary to go on, the water in this section provides you with a good opportunity to try out your fish form; hold Down dpad and press B button (in normal form) while submerged and start swimming! The enemies jumping out the water cannot harm you unless you touch them from above, so you can safely ignore them in most cases; if you want to take them out, however, a single bubble (B button while in fish form) does the trick. Don't forget to transform back into your normal form (hold Up dpad + B button) when you reach the other shore!

Section 5[edit]

Trip World1-5.png

Slopes like the one at the beginning of this section cause you to roll down automatically, making it difficult to climb back up; at this point, however, there is no need to do so. The small rock platforms above the spikes to the right crumble when you step on them, so jump across quickly or use your flight form to bypass them entirely.

Section 6[edit]

Trip World1-6.png

The opponent awaiting you in this small room is stronger than those you have previously faced; it takes four kicks to defeat and is armed with an umbrella, which it uses to glide and to attack you. Dealing with it is not necessary to move on, as you can simply avoid it, but defeating it causes it to drop a big heart flower, which restores all of your health when picked up. Be careful not to kick the enemy down the hole to the next section if you are going for the item, as this causes it to disappear and permanently nullifies your chance at a heart flower.

Section 7[edit]

Trip World1-7.png

The sleeping cat at the beginning wakes up when you approach it and proceeds to use its tail like a helicopter to fly around upside-down. While it cannot harm you, it follows you until defeated and may hamper you with its fast movements; you can take it out with two kicks, but hitting it can be hard due to its speed. You may safely stand on top of the plant-like objects to the right, but moving next to them causes them to swing back and forth and potentially harm you. They are invincible to your kicks, so do not bother trying to fight them and simply jump over them.

Section 8[edit]

Trip World1-8.png

This is the last section of World 1 and, like the first one, contains no enemies or hazards. Leave it at the far left side to face the boss of the World.


Trip Boss1.png

At the end of World 1, the Boss is patiently waiting for you; approach it to begin the battle! It will spend much of the fight jumping around the screen and attempting to dropkick you from above to cause damage - you can often keep it from attacking by quickly jumping into it from below when it is above you, making it bounce off your head, or leaping on top of it as it is starting to jump to send it back to the ground. Something useful to observe is that whenever you stop, the boss will also temporarily stop; you can sometimes use this to your advantage. In general, however, your best strategy is to keep in motion and bump into the boss to interrupt its jumps as often as you can, kicking each time you collide with it. Three kicks are needed to defeat it; it will briefly flash after each one, temporarily rendering it invincible. Once you emerge victorious, you are automatically taken to World 2.