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World 2 is split into two main parts, both filled mainly with entirely harmless enemies: the first one takes place in a jungle, the second in an ancient temple located in said jungle. It consists of 11 sections in total and is notable for being the first World to separate some of the horizontal sections into multiple parts, causing the screen to stop scrolling when you have reached the edge of one until you leave it and enter the next part. In the level maps, these seperations are indicated by a thin black bar lined with arrows indicating at which points Yacopu can leave the screen.

Section 1[edit]

Trip World2-1.png

Picking up the grapes at the beginning transforms Yacopu into his ball form, which enables him to bounce very high, but keeps him from attacking. Gaining this power is not necessary to proceed and grants no major advantage, but this is a good chance to try it out in a safe environment. The enemies in this section cannot harm you and do not pose any sort of danger; if you want to defeat them, however, you may do so by kicking them twice. Keep an eye out for a small black rock near the rightmost end of the section that turns into a strange (but harmless) dancing figure.

Section 2[edit]

Trip World2-2.png

There is a fruit hidden behind the second tree from the right that turn Yacopu into his flower form and lets him toss seed; pick it up if you want to, but be careful that you are not still in your ball form when you do or Yacopu will shrink instead, which grants you no advantage. The owl on the bridge does not attack or hinder you, but can be knocked off with four kicks. The odd creature to the left of it shuffles away from you backwards as you approach it and, when you get too close, turns into a mushroom! The mushroom can be kicked around, but is invincible and cannot hurt you.

Section 3[edit]

Trip World2-3.png

Two leaves fall out of the trees in this area and start walking around. You can defeat them with two kicks, but, like all the previous enemies, they cannot hurt you. Drop down the hole to the right to go on.

Section 4[edit]

Trip World2-4.png

The totem pole runs towards you and may block your way, but is harmless otherwise. Kick it twice to make it split into two separate entities, which hop around frantically and each take two more kicks to defeat, but cause no damage to you.

Section 5[edit]

Trip World2-5.png

The big cat wants to be your friend! It will follow you around, but is entirely innocuous as long as you treat it kindly. Kicking it three times, however, causes it to fly into a fury and try to roll you over, taking down your life; it becomes invincible at this point, so if you should manage to anger it, the only thing you can do anymore is run away. Enter the old temple to the right and jump through the hole in the top-right corner to reach the next section.

Section 6[edit]

Trip World2-6.png

The fruit power-up at the beginning lets Yacopu assume his tail form. There are two ways to reach it: you can fly onto the ledge where it is located (watch out for the spikes on the ceiling!) or use the creature to the left as a walking platform which you can jump off of (be careful not to attack it, as this turns it into an invincible killing machine). Leaving the area to the right takes you to an area with spikes; while it is possible to fly upwards at this point and see a part of Section 7, doing so is not recommended, as you will be blocked by a bridge and inevitably fall down again (and most likely touch the spikes), so ignore this part entirely. Go back towards the left instead and leave the section through the hole in the ceiling on the left-most end.

Section 7[edit]

Trip World2-7.png

There are no enemies in this section, but try not to fly or you may collide with the spikes on the ceiling. The bridge spanning the chasm in the outside area collapses when you walk across it (but awards you points as it does), so try not to stop on it. If you should happen to fall, hold Left dpad from the point you start falling, as you will be brought back to the room with the spikes at the right of Section 6 and will want to try landing on the platform on its left side rather than the spikes. The collapsing bridge will respawn when you leave the screen, keeping you from flying back up, so you will have to work your way through Section 6 again if you fall. Once you reach the hole leading to Section 8, jump down it and hold Right dpad if you want to fight the heart flower-yielding enemy in the next section; otherwise, simply drop straight down.

Section 8[edit]

Trip World2-8.png

The chamber to the right houses a strong enemy; the umbrella-wielding fighter from World 1 has returned for a rematch! If you jumped into the hole in the previous section and continued falling to the right when you entered this one from above, you should be able to land in the opening leading to the room; if you miss it while falling, you can fly back up from Section 9. Defeating this adversary is once again not necessary to proceed, but rewards you with points and a big heart flower. If the flower is all you want, however, you can safely skip this optional challenge, as there will be one waiting for you in plain sight in Section 9.

Section 9[edit]

Trip World2-9.png

This section contains no enemies. Simply proceed to the left and drop down the hole when you are ready to enter the next one; if you have lost health, you will want to jump after the hole first and collect the big heart flower on the other side, though. You may fly to the other side if you do not want to risk falling into the hole too early, but watch out for the spikes on the ceiling if you do. If you should fall in without meaning to, you can still try to fly back up from the next section.

Section 10[edit]

Trip World2-10.png

The four little creatures at the beginning are not dangerous, but if you want to defeat them, they each take three kicks to beat. Simply go left and drop down.

Section 11[edit]

Trip World2-11.png

The final section once more contains no enemies or hazards. There is some water here, but it is too shallow to swim in and does not slow you down, so all it does is add to the atmosphere. Simply progress towards the right and enter the Boss chamber.


Trip Boss2.png

The second Boss of the game can be hard if you don't know what you are doing. Open the battle by kicking the Boss while you still have the chance to do so; it will regularly make its body disappear, leaving only its stripes, which proceed to float left and right at a very high speed, invincible and harmful to touch. As the stripes jump whenever Yacopu does, attempting to leap over them is usually futile and falling on top of them causes you to be carried around by them, constantly losing life. The trick here is to jump onto the ledge at the left side of the Boss room (where you entered the room) every time the Boss undergoes this transformation; you will be completely safe from it there, but it also will not materialise again unless Yacopu is on the same height as itself.

In order to trick the Boss into reappearing, drop off the ledge whenever it is safe to do so and immediately jump up again when the Boss is approaching you. Keep doing so until the Boss assumes its normal form again, then quickly walk towards it and kick it again as soon as it stops flashing; taking too long may cause it to repeat its attack and start the cycle anew without giving you a chance to hit it. Repeat the entire process for the rest of the battle; after four kicks, the Boss will admit defeat and you will be taken to World 3.