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Nick (Kang) Wilson[edit]

Although he was recently suspended indefinitely from the police force due to repeated incidents of excessive brutality, property damage, and refusing to follow orders, Nicholas Kang (Wilson) was recruited into the E.O.D. as the group's first field agent. The same over-the-line methods that got him thrown off the force enable him to succeed at the E.O.D.; his arrest record speaks for itself. Kang's skills in martial arts are only matched by his ability to expertly dual-wield firearms and drive like a Hollywood stuntman.

Rosie Velasco[edit]

An ex-gangbanger turned straight, Rosie Velasquez is determined to prove herself worthy of her badge; unfortunately, she's just been partnered with Nick Kang, and isn't too happy about hitting the streets with a loose cannon. Nick isn't too happy about it either, but when their first meeting together concludes with her being wounded in a shootout, she winds up behind a desk working intel for the rest of the case — which in the long run, is probably safer for the both of them.

Chief Wanda Parks[edit]

Wanda Parks is the Chief Detective in the LAPD, as well as head of the Elite Operations Division, with jurisdiction over the entire City of Angels. She has two decades of law enforcement experience and is one of the most well respected officers on the police force. Parks puts up with Nick's brash and over-the-top nature because she knows that when all hell breaks loose, Nick is the only man who consistently delivers.


An old friend of Henry's, and a father figure and mentor to Nick. He reveals the backstory of the Wilson family to Rosie, and serves as a narrator at the beginning and end of Nick's quest.

Rasputin "Rocky" Kuznetskov[edit]

Not much is known about Rocky at the beginning of the game, except he is a member of the Russian Mafia and is involved with the Chinese Triads in some matter. As the game progresses, more about this character is revealed, including his peculiar habits...

Agent Masterton[edit]

He is called on the scene to oversee the case that the EOD is working on throughout the game. He doesn't like working with the EOD, especially because of Nick, but he will eventually learn that all is for the best within their precinct.


An old friend and partner of Henry's when they were working on the drug case, Rafferty knew the Kang brothers as they were growing up. It is eventually revealed that he was corrupted by Rocky, and went along with his drug smuggling and money laundering operations. Though Rafferty attempted to turn Henry, Henry refused and was subsequently murdered.


Rocky's bodyguard, visible a number of times throughout the game. Depending on the path Nick takes, he may have to fight him.

Han Yu Kim[edit]

A General from North Korea, seeking to strengthen his country's position in the world scene through illegal means. To this end, he is working with Rocky and his Mafia connections, as well as the Chinese Triads. He is seen in all three endings, and fought as the last boss in two; his ultimate goals are only revealed in the true ending, however.

Ancient Wu[edit]

This mysterious figure is said to be the creator of the Chinese Triad, though many view him only as a myth or a legend. Nevertheless, Nick will learn the truth of this legend as he pursues Rocky and the Triads...

Jimmy Fu[edit]

Jimmy Fu is a lesser Triad crime lord, working for Big Chong. Nick sneaks into his warehouse, but is trapped and forced to shoot his way through Jimmy's men. After killing his attackers, Nick is about to question Jimmy, but is forced to defend himself against a sniper determined to silence Fu. If Kang fails, his vest saves him, but Jimmy will be killed, and Nick is yelled at by a furious Rosie who reveals Jimmy's last words as the next link in the case. If Kang kills the sniper, Jimmy is arrested, and under heavy interrogation spills the name of his boss: Big Chong.

Big Chong[edit]

A crime lord from Ancient Wu's gang, Nick tails him from his house to the Cyrus Hotel where Nick loses him. Nick then finds out that he is at the Russian spa, having a meeting with Rocky. Nick then jumps from where he's spying Rocky and shoots through Chong's crew. Chong comes out to kill Nick himself but is killed in the ensuing firefight.

Cary (Kang) Wilson[edit]

Nick's little brother, owner of a vast chain of 24-hour dojos throughout the city, where Nick can improve his fighting ability for a price. Nick is very protective of his younger brother who, for his father's sake, he has vowed to defend with his life.


Rocky's girlfriend; she uses her charm to trap and lead Nick astray more than once.

Snoop Dogg[edit]

Snoop Dogg is a unlockable playable character in the game, possessing his own minigame and quotes. He is unlocked by either collecting 30 Dogg Bones scattered throughout Los Angeles, or by entering a cheat code.