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The third mission will have Harry continuing the chase on Aziz as they head into the park, and once again, Aziz has his men waiting for him.


From Gib's level briefing

Aziz is somewhere in this park. Chances are he'll be heading for the north exit. There's a possibility he has back up, so take care!


Begin by following the sidewalk and start firing as you'll get a henchman right in your line of fire soon as you begin walking. Right when the sidewalk loops, there will be another henchman. Take him out and look out for two more henchmen (one of them wearing a red shirt). To the next area, two more henchmen will be waiting for you and on the left of the tree will be an Uzi and some ammo. Continuing down the sidewalk will be a redshirt approaching you. Kill him and the other henchman coming at you, and go up into the opening, leading to a hedge that has a henchman, but after you kill him, you can collect some health and Uzi ammo. Moving right along back on the sidewalk, another redshirt will come at you. Try to get him stick on the hedge wall, where he can’t come at you, yet you can kill him no problem. Another redshirt will come at you and after he’s dead, you’ll reach the end of the sidewalk, where it circles back, where you’ll find a henchman behind the tree. Move on up and you’ll find two henchmen hiding behind trees and some more Uzi ammo. Move on up and kill the henchman blocking the way and you’ll find another sidewalk, which starting off as a circle.

There, you’ll find a grenadier up north and a redshirt coming from the west. After both are taken care of, head left and you’ll find a henchman behind the flower bed. Note above you will be a man sleeping on a bench. He is a civilian, so don’t kill him. Head all the way to the left and you’ll see a fenced area with gates. Shoot through the fence and you can lure out another henchman to kill him and save yourself hassle for later. Going on down the sidewalk, a redshirt will come at you, so kill him and in the small gated area right below the gated area will be another redshirt that you can kill and not worry about later. Going down the sidewalk, right behind the hedge will be a redshirt and a greenshirt attempting to strafe and peek-a-boo you. The latter can be taken out with ease. Right before you continue down the sidewalk, go in the hedge on the right. Kill the henchman, and collect the Uzi ammo and gate key to access the gates you saw earlier.

Continuing down the sidewalk where you left off, you’ll eventually each the end where you’ll find two henchmen with the last one peek-a-booing you. Moving up and you’ll have another tree henchman and a redshirt running towards you. After they’re dead, collect the Uzi ammo to the right of the tree. Going on and you’ll have a stationary redshirt. You can take him out with ease by angling your Uzi. After taking out another tree guard, you’ll find another sidewalk to follow. Kill the henchman and right where the sidewalk loops, above will be a redshirt. Kill him and collect the health and grenades, which we’ll be using on a few enemies later on. Across the fence will be another henchman squeezing off some bullets at you. Kill him then continue down the sidewalk. A henchman will peek-a-boo you from behind a tree. Once he’s done for another redshirt will charge you. Kill the henchman behind the statue and now you can see the gated area from before. Lure the henchman from behind the fence, kill him and continue to the sidewalk. Get inside the area with the gates and collect the extra life between the two. The left gate will let you go further in the level, while the right gate will have some goodies and a few golden opportunities for us, so it’s recommended you take the right.

From the right gate entrance, there will be a redshirt in the upper-left firing at you. Kill him and head into the hedge where he was blocking. You’ll find the Shotgun there. The very reason why it is advisable to take the right gates, as you’ll be in a lot of close-quarter combat throughout the mission and this will make things easier. Now opposite the hedge will be a chaingunner and another henchman. Save yourself some trouble later on and throw a grenade where the henchman is. Then move up as far as you can, so you can lure the henchman in the blast radius. Once the grenade detonates, two birds with one stone! Now moving on, since the gate key we got earlier only works once, we need to get another one, so this time go right from the gate entrance. You’ll find a henchman behind the statue, another behind a tree and another redshirt will come at you. After they’re dead, go north from the statue into the hedge where there’s a redshirt behind a tree. Kill him and get the Uzi ammo. To the left of you from the other side of the hedge is a redshirt guarding the gate key we’ll be getting later on. Toss a grenade at him. See? Golden opportunities here to take out the tougher enemies and make this level easier. Though do keep in minds you’ll have to lure him into the grenade by moving your character around.

The grenades you find will come in handy for taking out some of the tougher enemies.

Going on from where the statue was, head right and you’ll find a grenadier. Take him down and collect some shotgun shells from the opposite side. Head upwards to the hedge and kill the two treehuggers and the area will open up where you’ll have another henchman strafing where you are. Get the Uzi ammo there as well. One more henchman and you’ll get into another open area with a chaingunner. Stay close enough to his walking path where he doesn’t turn and fire at you. Uzi him to kill him quickly. Head up and kill another redshirt as well as a henchman behind the right tree. Here, get some shells, health and another gate key. Right where the health is is a chaingunner on the opposite side. Grenade him. This will be your last one for now, but we’ll be getting more grenades later. For now exit this area and head for the left gate.

From the left gate entrance will be two henchmen in the maze-like path waiting for you. Get past them and yes, more grenades! Moving upwards will be another strafing henchman. Once up top, there will be another chaingunner on the opposite side. Use one of your newly found grenades and kill the henchman on the right side of you. Get the shotgun shells and now two ways to go: left and right. Go right first where there will be two henchman, a health pick-up and another gate key. Now continuing the left way, there will be a henchman playing peek-a-boo and a redshirt charging in your direction. Now in the norther hedge above you, toss a grenade at the henchman and lure the chaingunner there as well so another tougher enemy blown up. Continuing on you’ll find three henchmen behind trees and some shells. Another tree henchman and you get some more grenade from where he was. There will be a redshirt coming down the pathway. Fight your way through four henchmen and now another opportunity to grenade some baddies. Head right and cling on the way until a redshirt and a chaingunner show up. Lure them back to the left where another redshirt is. Toss a grenade and thus, three birds with one stone. Going on to where two flower beds are, the second one will have some health. There will be another little hedge with a henchman and some more Uzi ammo. A redshirt will run in and you’ll reach a fountain with three henchman around it. After killing them, go south of it onto a little path with three henchmen and two upper paths. The first, shorter one will have a tree henchman and shotgun shells. The second, longer one will have two henchmen and at the end will be grenades and health. Going back where the fountain is will be another gate for you to enter. Once inside, a chaingunner will be there as well as another tree henchman. Follow the sidewalk and take down the redshirt and close-by, you will see four guys practicing karate. They are civilians, so don’t go Indiana Jones on them. Keep going down the sidewalk and there will be a grenadier and if you get too close to him, he’ll shoot rapidly. Try to take him out from a distance. In the lower left will be two grenadiers, one being a redshirt. But where the greenshirt one was will be grenades you can claim as your own. Slowly make your way upwards. To the right is another grenadier and a health pick-up. On the upper-left there will be three henchmen, with a redshirt in the middle blazing away. Use a grenade to at least take him out, then the rest use your other weapons with ease. Careful as they are throwing grenades themselves. Heading upwards will be another tree henchmen. Take the left pathway first with two henchmen and a chaingunner. Where he came from will be a health-pick up hidden behind the tree. Head through the right path and take out the three henchmen in the area. Head to the lower right with another henchmen roaming towards you and face off with two hiding behind trees. Heading into the narrow pathway will be a chaingunner. After he’s done for, move on right in there. Take care of another henchman and get the gate key. Now head to the upper path where you had met the three henchmen from and watch out for another redshirt coming at you. Right below where the man on the bench is is a redshirt grenadier. Moving on right will be another charging redshirt and a henchman behind the statue. After he’s done, collect the Uzi ammo. Another chaingunner will come from the right path. Now you’ll have two henchmen, one near the tree and another weaving in and out. There will be health where the tree henchman was if you’re in need of it. Head down the pathway and a chaingunner will head towards you with barely and space to avoid his gunfire. Use your Uzi to take him out quick. From there, a redshirt will once again charge you and there will be another henchman below. Head to where the latter was and get some shells. Head back to another gated area with a redshirt. Kill him. Head to the end of the fence with another redshirt and an extra life.

Now we have a tough boss battle once you go through the gate, so get the health once you go through and get your grenades ready. Before heading all the way out to the open area toss all of your grenades and move slowly so you can have a chance to do a little bit of damage to the boss. This guy here will be a challenge as he has a combination machine gun/grenade launcher. He’ll shoot off some short bursts or stay still and fire wildy towards your direction and after either attack, he’ll launch a grenade towards you.

The best thing to do with this boss is to keep on the move and dive constantly, otherwise he'll tear you apart!

He will also grenade launch you if you get too close to him. The trick here is to keep diving away from him once he keeps moving and let off some short bursts from your Uzi. Keep moving and avoid the grenades as that will kill you quite quickly if you’re not careful. And naturally if you get caught in the machine gun fire, your health will go down rapidly as well. The best strategy here is take your time, do your best to keep your distance and damage him slowly. Once he gets into his firing wildly stance, get in a safe spot and let him have it with your Uzi. Eventually he’ll keel over and you’ll hear from Gib, letting you know that Aziz escaped yet again, but the files you got from the Chateau led to some whereabouts of a Crimson Jihad hideout in a subway. And with that, another mission is complete.