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  • Pistol: Your default weapon. Adequate damage and a rate of fire. You have unlimited ammo with this but have to reload after 15 shots.
  • Shotgun: Does heavy damage, but only works in close range. Max ammo at 99. Shell pick-ups add 25 ammo.
  • Uzi: Shoots off bullets pretty quick. When you fire, you're stationary, but you can fire at different angles. Max ammo at 999. Bullet pick-ups gives you 50 ammo.
  • Grenades: Throw grenades across obstacles at enemies. Has a countdown before it detonates. When you push it, hold. The longer you hold, the further you throw it. Be careful, however, as grenades can bounce around and may come back at you! Max ammo at 9. Grenade pick-ups gives you 3 ammo.
  • Mines: Place a mine on the ground as an explosive trap for enemies to walk on. Max ammo at 9. Mine pick-ups gives you 3 ammo.
  • Flamethrower: Can burn enemies really quick and eats away through ammo quickly. Max ammo at 99. Fuel pick-ups gives you 50 ammo.


  • Health: Restores your health to half the health bar.
  • Lives: Gives you an extra life.
  • Keys: Gives you access to otherwise-locked areas.