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PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 PC Action
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Move Character
Cross button A button Jump
Cross button + Neutral lstick A button + Neutral lstick Dive
Circle button B button Action
Triangle button Y button Crouch / Stand
R3 button push Neutral lstick Objectives
Start button Start button Pause Menu
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Aim Weapon
R2 button RT button Primary Fire
R1 button RB button Alt. Fire (Switch Arrows, Sniper Rifle Zoom)
L2 button LT button Zoom
L1 button LB button Throw Grenade
Square button X button Reload
Left dpad Left dpad Weapon 1
Right dpad Right dpad Weapon 2
Down dpad Down dpad Knife
Up dpad Up dpad Bow
double-tap Left dpad or Right dpad double-tap Left dpad or Right dpad Dual wield
N/A Back button Multiplayer stats