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Name Information
Tal'Set The game's main protagonist, Tal'Set is a Native American brought from our world, presumably, into the jungles of the Lost Land.
Wise Father An old and wise man who guides you in some levels
Djunn The leader of the River Village troops. Rescues Tal'Set and the Wise Father from the Sleg compound.
Tarkeen A mysterious seer who brings Tal'Set back from the brink of death. He is bound by an oath to the ancient god "Stone" to seek out a warrior who can bring balance to the Lost Land and take up the mantle of Turok. He is protected by the Six Points, spine-covered reptilian cat creatures who never stray far from their master.
Captain Tobias Bruckner A frontiersman, Bruckner was infamous for his extreme hatred against Native Americans and hated as a killer of their kind. While locked in battle with Tal'Set's tribe, Bruckner fell off a cliff and into the same portal as the protagonist did. But unlike Tal'Set, who aligned with the humans, he joined the warrior forces under Tyrannus.
Genn A young and tomboyish woman who teaches Tal'Set how to fly the Pteranodon and what the objectives are for that level.
Ny Gulkuk A River Village troop who Tal'Set found dying, he says that most of his people in the nearest village have been killed by the Slegs.