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The Slegs
Name Description
Scouts Scouts are the most common sleg encountered in Turok Evolution. They wield long rifles and drop small health packs as well as Pistol Bullets.
Snipers Snipers are basically scouts that can shoot from long distances. They are often perched on high ledges out of your reach and drop small health packs and pistol bullets.
Commanders Scouts in red armor. They have higher health and can throw grenades. They drop Pistol bullets, Small health packs and grenades.
Sleg Troopers Sleg Troopers are armed with shotguns and have high health. They can sometimes act as commanders in a battalion of scouts. They can drop small Health packs, Shotgun shells and Pistol rounds.
Sleg Guardians Larger versions of Sleg Troopers armed with miniguns. They have very high health drop big health packs.
Flamethrowers Sleg Flamethrowers are dressed in red armor. They have large tanks on their backs as an infinite supply of ammo for their flamethrowers. By destroying the tanks you an almost instantly kill them and they are not impervious to fire. They drop small health packs and flame fuel.
Purrlin Large beasts that wield guns on the backs of their huge hands. They are seldom encountered and can pound the ground when you are nearby to damage you.