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On the first level, your ultimate goal is to the right edge of the map. The routes are generally direct, but there is also opportunity to explore the map for some bonuses.

Level 1-1[edit]

Time limit: 500 seconds.

To the left of the start, you can find a 1-up, and a floating power up block.

Head to the right to the first chasm. Jump across to the right-hand side, to continue. If desired, it is safe to explore the chasm; the background will darken to show that you are in the lower portion of the map. To show that you are in the lower portion of the level, the background will darken. Some diamonds can be collected in the western tunnel.

After going across the chasm, rocks will fall from the sky. You can defend against them by shooting upward as they fall, or by doing a backwards jump. Continue and jump across the waterfall; falling down will cost a life.

Exercise caution in the next chasm. While you can explore it, there is a waterfall at the bottom.

After the second chasm is a building. You can either proceed right to the exit, or climb up to find a powerup block. You can also jump off the left hand side to reach a floating platform you may have seen earlier. If you get on this platform, you can climb to the top to collect four extra lives. You can also continue left, defending against falling rocks and other enemies to get another extra life as well.

You must defeat the larger enemy to continue to the next stage.

Level 1-2[edit]

Time limit: 500 seconds.
The flying fist

Shoot the visible enemies for powerups, and collect the powerups from the invisible block at the start. When you continue right, you will encounter the first boss, a flying fist. It's only attack is a downward pound, and it is easily destroyed without too much effort.

Continue right, until you reach two towers where the sky begins to darken. Enter the chasm into the chasm below; the background will darken, as you are going underneath a storm cloud. If you want an extra life to prepare, head into the cave to the left - enemies include a bouncing mine that cannot be damaged by normal weapons. Either fire a grenade to destroy them, or roll past them to collect the 1-up.

There are waterfalls to the right. From the chasm, you can jump across but will be attacked by lightning as you proceed. Reach the platforms on the right-hand side as soon as possible, and climb up. An alternate path requires you to climb up the two towers at the edge of the darkness, and shoot wildly for a hidden powerup brick. Jump on the brick, and search for another set of powerup bricks to create a staggered ladder, that eventually lead to a set of 1-ups. Collect them, and jump across the platforms above.

From here, the exit is in the lower-right corner of the level.

Level 1-3[edit]

Time limit: 600 seconds.

The exit is in the lower-right corner of the level. From the starting area, continue as far as you can to thr right, until you reach a staggered set of platforms. Climb to the top, and look for destroyable bricks to the right. Clear them, and use the wheel form to speed to the right and reach the lower-right section where you see a blinking box. Destroy it, and a lift raises, allowing you to exit the level, and enter Level 2.

However, this map also contains a few one-ups as well. If you take the first left when climbing the staggered platforms, you will have to fight a flyng enemy. It will attack with an occasional swoop, and by shooting five spread projectiles at the ground. When it is defeated, you can proceed to the top-left corner of the region to collect three one-ups, and drop down to collect a fourth. You can also head to the top-right of the map to collect an additional five.