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Every stage[edit]

TwinBee Enemy01.gif TwinBee Enemy02.gif TwinBee Enemy03.gif TwinBee Enemy04.gif

Description: The enemies shown above will appear on just about every stage. They are the ground targets. Keep your eyes peeled for each one of these and lob your bombs at them whenever you see one. Bombing them will reveal a bonus items, most likely a fruit, but possibly a crash star or a bell. Bombing them is easy, but collecting the reward should be done with careful timing and observation; none of the prizes are worth dying for.

Stage 1[edit]

Stage 1
TwinBee Enemy11.gif TwinBee Enemy12.gif TwinBee Enemy13.gif TwinBee Enemy14.gif TwinBee Enemy15.gif
Description: The game starts out easily enough, sending a few waves of strawberry ships at you. These ships appear, but veer off screen when they begin to line up with your shots. They are followed by individual carrot ships which are a little braver. During this time, you should focus on getting a white bell and at least one blue bell. When you're out over water, waves of three pepper ships will begin to appear, followed by drifting snow-pea ships. Eventually you will face the last unique enemy of the stage, the eggplant jets, and the game will begin throwing mixtures of enemies at you until the boss appears.

Boss: Onion Head[edit]

TwinBee Boss1a.gif
TwinBee Boss1.gif

As the first boss, Onion Head is naturally the easiest boss to fight. He sweeps back and forth, and up and down, but never too low. He surrounds himself with a ring of balls that replace themselves as fast as you can destroy them. Like all bosses, he is only vulnerable when the diamond in his head opens up to reveal the artifact that you are chasing after. When it opens up, concentrate a number of shots at him. Eventually some will slip through his defense and destroy him. If you coast along the stage with him long enough, you will see a trio of three ground mushrooms, all of which contain fruit. After that, a ground target on the left will contain a crash star. One more ground target after that will contain a bell.

Stage 2[edit]

Stage 2
TwinBee Enemy21.gif TwinBee Enemy22.gif TwinBee Enemy23.gif TwinBee Enemy24.gif TwinBee Enemy25.gif TwinBee Enemy31.gif
Description: In the very beginning, you will be attacked by waves of dish ships. If you can destroy all of them in each wave before they retreat, you can earn a 1000 point bonus. Next comes the fork ships, followed by the knife ships, which bounce onto the screen and abruptly stop before heading off in a different direction. Around this time, two side by side ground targets may contain a crash star and a bell. You will soon be attacked by individual bowl ships, which are followed by sets of saucer-appearing ships that blink red and blue. They bounce from one side of the screen to the other, making a slow decent. They are easy to eliminate. Not long after that, the enemies will join in a single attack against you, and a yellow ship will join in the mix. By the time they appear, a ground target on the right may contain a bell. If this is the second bell you've picked up, you will get the baseball power-up, and a baseball will begin launching around the stage. However, it will disappear prematurely once it touches the boss.

Boss: Parallel Dish[edit]

TwinBee Boss2a.gif
TwinBee Boss2.gif

Parallel Dish is the second general you must face. He's not much more difficult than Onion Head, in fact in many ways, he's easier. Instead of being surrounded by an ever present circle of orbs, Parallel Dish summons randomly appearing wheels to attack you. There may be a lot of them, but not so many that you will be over whelmed. Parallel Dish bounces up and down more than he moves from side to side. Wait until his artifact is revealed and then concentrate your fire on him.

Stage 3[edit]

Stage 3
TwinBee Enemy32.gif TwinBee Enemy33.gif TwinBee Enemy34.gif TwinBee Enemy35.gif TwinBee Enemy36.gif TwinBee Enemy37.gif
Description: After defeating the last general, you will be attacked by waves of stingray ships. They will dive down after looping around. Defeating the entire wave is worth 1000 point. You will then be attacked by crab ships. They appear in a single file down one side of the screen or the other. As soon as they line up with your ship, they will start crossing over in an attempt to collide with you. Next, the trilobite ships approach with a waving pattern. After that, octopus ships will appear along either side of the screen. They start out gray and turn pink and approach when they get closer to you. The lobster ships follow that. Once the blue and gray elephant head ships pass by, all of the enemies will attack together. Before the boss approaches, you will encounter a series of swinging clubs. They cannot be destroyed, so you must avoid them. They will destroy your baseball power-up if you have it, but the crash star can remove them.

Boss: Tiger Shark[edit]

TwinBee Boss3a.gif
TwinBee Boss3.gif

Tiger Shark's minions are more of a threat to you than he is. He does the usual swinging back and forth that you've seen other bosses do, but this boss sends wave after wave of assistance at you, literally. Each wave is a row that jumps down towards the bottom of the screen, moving randomly to the left or to the right. Once you poke a wide enough hole in the wave, you can pass through it without much worry until the next wave approaches. Keep an eye on the boss, and wait for the artifact to reveal itself before pounding it with shots, and take him down.

Stage 4[edit]

Stage 4
TwinBee Enemy41.gif TwinBee Enemy42.gif TwinBee Enemy43.gif TwinBee Enemy44.gif TwinBee Enemy45.gif TwinBee Enemy46.gif
Description: This stage starts off with the pen head ships that try to collide with you. A set of hopping enemies appear next. They bounce in from either side of the screen and across, firing at you as the move. Once they pass, the magnet ships appear. After the magnet ships, the screen will rain bullets. The source won't appear for a few moment, but after a while, a cannon ship will appear. Take it out to stop the bullets, but another one will follow. Shortly after, the blue and pink flashing ships will arrive, followed by the dagger ships. After the dagger ships appear, the enemies attack all together as usual.

Boss: Claw Device[edit]

TwinBee Boss4a.gif
TwinBee Boss4.gif

Claw Device is a little similar to Onion Head. He surrounds himself with assistance in an orbiting circle of assistants. On top of that, he can send those assistants out to attack you. So not only must you poke a hole into the shield long enough to fire inside of it, you must also dodge the assistants, which can come at you from any part of the circle. Keep moving and keep firing, and once the artifact is revealed, focus your shots on the boss for a quick victory.

Stage 5[edit]

Stage 5
TwinBee Enemy51.gif TwinBee Enemy52.gif TwinBee Enemy53.gif TwinBee Enemy54.gif TwinBee Enemy55.gif
TwinBee Enemy56.gif TwinBee Enemy57.gif TwinBee Enemy58.gif TwinBee Enemy59.gif TwinBee Enemy5A.gif TwinBee Enemy5B.gif

Description: Stage 5's enemies are divided into two groups, the flower group and the electrical group. You start with the flower group. The lavender flowers will start off, attacking in waves. You do not receive bonuses for destroying the entire wave. This is followed by the silver flowers which cross the screen from right to left at varying levels. The pink bloomers appear next, attacking individually. Next, the gold flowers will attack from left to right, performing a loop in the middle of the screen along the way. And finally, the pink pinwheels attack in groups, bouncing throughout the screen. Once they appear, every flower type ship will attack together.

In the middle of the combined flower attack, individual transistor ships mix themselves into the attack against you. Once the flowers disappear, groups of the round grey ships with the blinking blue center appear. These are followed by the spinning razor blade ships. They will bounce around the screen, so stay out of their way. Next, the lightbulb ships appear. They may pass you, but they will do an about face and fly towards you from behind, so take them out or dodge them on the come back. Vacuum tubes appear next, followed quickly by the helicopter like ships. The electrical enemies won't have a long time to attack you all together before the boss of the stage appears.

Boss: Spice King[edit]

TwinBee Boss5a.gif
TwinBee Boss5.gif

The Spice King finally shows. He is the most dangerous boss because he travels in a wide clockwise circle all the way around the screen. You are generally safe in the middle of the screen, but then you have his blue assistants to worry about. You can remain at the very bottom of the screen without fear, but it's difficult to get a good shot at him. Instead, stay towards the bottom right corner, where you'll get some good shots as him while he is traveling down the right side of the screen. Focus your fire when the very last artifact appears, and you will complete round 5.

Stages 6 through 10[edit]

TwinBee Enemy61.gif TwinBee Enemy62.gif TwinBee Enemy63.gif TwinBee Enemy64.gif TwinBee Enemy65.gif TwinBee Enemy66.gif

Description: Despite the fact that the bosses start over from Onion Head again, stages 6 through 10 are not repeats of the first five stages. They are almost like bonus stages. Each stage has a focus on a particular style of enemy. Stage 6 presents a few enemies such as the ones above that have not been seen before. Stage 8 is composed entirely of Tiger Shark's assistance, and nothing else. Stage 10 has no moving enemies, just the rotating clubs that you must avoid entirely. The very end of Stage 10 contains a row of clubs. Your safest bet for passing through them is to stay on the far left side, and slide up past the clubs when they are facing up. Defeat Spice King a second time, and the game truly begins again with Stage 11.