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The adventure begins

After a short message you will take control of Bop-Louie. Proceed to the right, killing the white monsters that you will find on the path. If you want, you can spend some time increasing your life energy by killing the enemies that are in place, since they regenerate every time you exit the screen they are in. You can then walk back and forth around this area killing them repeatedly. Each time you jump over them, you will have a probability of about 20% that a crystal will appear, which will increase your life energy by two points. Then when you are ready, proceed to the right. You will come to a water obstacle. To get past it, you'll have to use the red platform that moves back and forth, because Bop-Louie can't swim (if you fall into the water, you'll still be able to get back to shore frantically).

The Crystal

Once on the other side, an arrow will point you upwards. Use the rope that will be lowered from above to climb. Proceed to the right, paying attention to the slimes and to the weights of 16 tons dropped by the crows. You will also witness another short sequence, in which Bop-Louie will express his thoughts. You will come to a point where a path that goes underground begins. Ignore it and walk over it. On the top of this small hill you will find the first chest of the game. It contains the Crystal, which will allow you to access the (frustrating) password system of the game by selecting it from the sub-screen.

At this point, go back. If you proceed to the right you will enter an ice cave and going underground you will encounter a pool of water: both obstacles that Bop-Louie cannot overcome. Proceed to the left, passing the rope you climbed with and enter the tunnel. Defeat the enemies you encounter along the way and proceed until you reach a springboard. Use it to jump to the next level. Proceed to the right. Go past the spikes using the moving platform and jump over the small precipice. At the end of the path you will meet the first of your friends, Freeon-Leon. However, you will discover that your friend has lost his memory and he sees you as a threat. To clear his mind you will have to face him in combat.

Fighting Freeon-Leon

Combat works like a kind of dodgeball. There is a single ball in the center of the room. You'll need to grab it and throw it at Freeon-Leon. If, on the other hand, he is the one who catches the ball, you have to be careful not to get hit yourself. The first who manages to hit the opponent 8 times wins the fight. However, you shouldn't have any problem getting the better of your friend.

After defeating him, Freeon-Leon will regain his memory. He will apologize and join you. From now on, you can bring Freeon-Leon into action in place of Bop-Louie whenever you want by selecting him from the sub-screen.