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Shades' special Weapon

Exit the room and let yourself fall into the small precipice you will encounter. Go all the way back until you exit the mine, from where you entered. Use the springboard to climb up and keep climbing until you reach the point where you exited the ice cave. Have you noticed that the arrow telling you to go down has disappeared? Thanks to your new ally Shades, you can now access new areas. First of all, enter the opening on the right. You'll find some enemies on the ground and a chest on the upper right ledge. It's time to bring Shades into action. You have to jump onto the small platform in the center of the room and from there, try to reach the ledge with the chest. You probably won't make it on the first try, but by continuing to try you will be able to achieve it. In the chest you will find Shades' special weapon, which allows you to eliminate all enemies on the screen in one fell swoop.

The Power of Insight

Go back and continue climbing using the platforms, switching to Shades for the longer jumps. Climb the rope, kill the clown and grab another rope that will be lowered from above. In the next screen, continue climbing using the ropes and use the trampoline to make a long jump up. On the left you will find a chest containing the very useful Power of Insight, which will allow you to see the location of various special items on the map. At this point, you should go back. Proceeding to the right, you will meet a bird that will not let you pass. Go down to the point where the hanging rope is and continue to the right. Cross the large pool of water using Freeon-Leon and enter the next area.

The Egg

You will find yourself in a swamp-like area, with trees rising from a lake at the bottom. This area may seem labyrinthine, but in reality it is not. What you need to do here is to reach the right side of the swamp. You will also notice two exits that will allow you to proceed in a rocky area, but you will not go very far. Instead, go up to the top of the tree to the right, where you will find a nest with a blue bird. The bird will ask you to retrieve an egg it has lost. You will find this egg right at the base of the tree, at the bottom right. Collect it, as if it was a normal ball and take it to the top of the tree. If you accidentally lose the egg, do not worry: you will find it again in the same position. When you have delivered the egg to the bird, it will offer to help you. Grab the rope under him. The bird will take you to the rocky area to the right of the swamp. Here you will find a tunnel that goes underground. You can walk along it if you want and get to a room with a tap, which is however unreachable. Entering the door under the tap, you will return to the entrance to the tunnel. The only thing you can do is walk to the left and return to the swamp. This bird has not been of much use to you for the moment, however it was necessary to carry out this little mission now in order to proceed in the game.

The bird on the clouds

Go all the way back to get out of the swamp, go left and climb up until you reach the point where you got the Power of Insight. Proceed to the right and bring Shades into action. Jump carefully on the floating clouds, being careful not to fall. The clouds drop down an instant after you step on them, so go through them quickly. After climbing to the fourth cloud, wait a moment before jumping to the right again. The next cloud is in fact too far away and you cannot reach it with a jump. Just when the cloud you are on begins to fall, another will rise in front of you. Jump on it quickly and continue, to reach a larger cloud, on which the bird you met in the swamp is located. If you have already completed the egg mission, the bird will give you a ride to another cloud. Grab the rope that will be lowered to you from above and pull yourself up to the upper level. Proceed to the left defeating the clowns, until you meet a boss.

Ufouria The Saga Second Boss and Suction Cup.png

The fight with this boss is divided into two phases. The first is perfectly identical to the one against the first boss you faced. Jump on the boss's head to make it spit a ball, pick it up, throw it at the boss and repeat the process. On the fifth blow, however, instead of dying, the boss will lose its legs and make a propeller come out. From now on the boss will move back and forth floating in the air. The strategy to beat it, is still the same: jump on the boss’s head when it is at the lowest point of ist glides to make it spit a ball, pick it up and throw it at the boss. Nothing complicated, but be careful not to get hit: a contact with the boss would take away 8 life points. Hit the boss 5 times in this second form to definitely eliminate it.

Proceeding to the left you will find a chest containing Bop-Louie's very useful suction cup, which will allow him to climb the walls. You can experience it right away: climb up the wall on the left to reach the door and enter.