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Character attributes[edit]

  1. Agility affects the hit rate and evasion rate of physical attacks; it also affects stealing rate.
  2. Strength affects the amount of damage dealt by a successful attack.
  3. Stamina reduces the damage suffered, both physical and magical.
  4. Intelligence affects prices for purchasing items (except for spells); it also affects the amount of damage dealt by the "magic missile" spell.
  5. Wisdom affects the success rate of spells; it also affects prices for purchasing spells.
  6. Charisma affects prices when selling weapons or armors (the only items that can be sold).

Race Class
Strength Dwarf (+5) Fighter (+10 & Agi+10)
Agility Elf (+5) Thief (+10)
Stamina - -
Charisma - -
Wisdom Bobbit (+10 & Str-5) Cleric (+10)
Intelligence Human (+5) Wizard (+10 & spells +4)

Other statistics[edit]

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  • Health points (HP)
  • Money
  • Food
  • Experience
  • Gender

Character creation strategy[edit]

The most powerful possible character[edit]

  • Suggested class: wizard

After the first part of the game (Pilgrimage quests) all the attributes will be at 99. Then, the only class that will make any difference will be the wizard, because of his/her extra 4 spells.

  • Suggested race: elf (or dwarf)

At the beginning of the game, you should fight monsters to increase HP and money. In order to do so, you need to fight enemies physically. Therefore, whatever character class and race you choose, it is better to start with agility and strength as high as possible, with agility being slightly more important. The elf race has an agility bonus, while the dwarf race has a strength bonus.

Note that a (female) elf/dwarf wizard is also the strongest possible character in Ultima 2.

Other characters[edit]

In the following example, four characters were created by combining races and classes with similar bonuses.

Strength 40 25 20 25
Agility 35 40 25 25
Stamina 10 10 10 10
Charisma 10 10 10 10
Wisdom 10 10 30 10
Intelligence 10 10 10 25
Special - - - Spells +4