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Quest givers[edit]

The castles of the Kings that ask to kill monsters

After you raised all the attributes of your characters, it is time to explore the deeper floors of the dungeons, where powerful enemies are lurking. Four Kings charge you to defeat a specific monster for a reward.

  1. The Lost King versus the Gelatinous Cube;
  2. The King of Rondorin versus the Carrion Creeper;
  3. The King of the Black Dragon versus the Lich;
  4. King Shamino versus the Balron.

Dungeon structure[edit]

Every dungeon is generated randomly at the beginning of each new game. The structure of every floor is the same:

  • five parallel north-south corridors, where some force fields and walls can be located;
  • four north-south walls, where doors and hidden doors can be located;
  • two stairs, one upwards and one downwards, always in the second and fourth corridor (except for the top floor).
Basic structure of dungeon floors

Each dungeon is made of ten floors. Enemies change every two floors. There are five enemy types specific to

Floors Regular enemies Special enemies Quest enemies
1-2 Ranger, skeleton, giant rat, bat Thief (steals unequipped items) N/A
3-4 Spider, viper, orc, cyclops Gelatinous cube (destroys equipped armor) Gelatinous cube
5-6 Ettin, lizard-man, minotaur Mimic (disguised as a chest) Carrion creeper
7-8 Tangler, wandering eyes, wraith Gremlin (steals food) Lich
9-10 Invisible seeker, zorn, daemon Mind whipper (reduces intelligence) Balron

Dungeon names[edit]

Although the internal structure of dungeons is randomly generated, the names are fixed.

Lands of Lord British Lands of the Feudal Lords Lands of Dark Unknown Lands of Danger and Despair
The Dungeon of Perinia Scorpion Hole The Mental Twister Spine Breaker
The Unholy Hole The Labyrinth The End The Skull Smasher
The Dungeon of Montor Where Hercules Died The Long Death The Dungeon of Doom
The Mines of Mt. Drash The Horror of the Harpies II The Viper's Pit The Dead Cat's Life
The Dungeon of Doubt The Gorgon Hole The Tramp of Doom Dead Man's Walk
The Mines of Mt. Drash II The Horror of the Harpies The Viper's Pit II The Dead Cat's Life II
Death's Awakening The Dead Warrior's Fight The Slow Death The Hole to Hades
The Lost Caverns The Savage Place The Troll's Hole Free Death Hole
Mondain's Gate to Hell Advari's Hole The Guild of Death The Morbid Adventure


It is sufficient to explore just one of the 36 dungeons to complete all four quests.

The "Ladder down" and "Ladder up spells" allow to get rapidly to the deepest floors of a dungeon. Actually, you can use half of them if you keep in mind that all stairs are aligned.

Navigate the upper two floors normally, and get to the third one. There, get at the end of the corridor and let enemies come to you, until you defeat a gelatinous cube (one quest completed). get just one or two steps away from the ladder, and cast a ladder down spell. Go down, and the next stepladder is already nearby! Keep going down to the 9th floor, killing enemies as they come to you. When all the four quests have been completed, get the "Ladder up" spell [R]eady, and get out quickly.

Of course, whenever the Stranger gets low on health, interrupt the descent and get to the surface.

Remember that health points can be raised in three ways:

  1. Klimb out from a dungeon after defeating some monsters;
  2. Transact with a king and offer pence (3HP per 2p, i.e. 150HP per 100p)
  3. Drop pence in a pond in any town (3HP per 2p, i.e. 150HP per 100p)

Quest rewards[edit]

After defeating the four "boss" monsters, go back to the four kings. Each one will give a colored gem to the Stranger. King Shamino will also allow the Stranger to get items from his storerooms.

The other three kings will give important information about time travel. In particular, the King of the Black Dragon specifies that the Princesses will help a space ace.

It's time to buy a shuttle and get in space!