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Note: this part of the game might seems out of place, considering the fantasy setting of Ultima 1. Actually, the author declared in an interview that he added this mostly because he had free disk memory to use.

Space ships[edit]

The planet Sosaria, its sun, and the nearest spaceport

After completing all the quests ordered by the eight kings, purchase a shuttle and get [B]oard it.

As soon as the Stranger is in space, he should slowly dock at a spaceport and change ship. The shuttle is not fit for combat. The large ship has more fuel, while the smaller one has more shields.

Space travel[edit]

Map of the 49 space sectors

The commands used in space are different from the rest.

Button Command
V View change; switches between overhead view and cockpit view. Hyperjump and lasers can only be used in cockpit view.
I Inform; it shows a scan of the 49 sectors; an "H" means the sector hosts enemy Spacewalkers, a "+" means the sector hosts a spaceport, where the ship can be changed or repaired.
H Hyperjump; it allows to move from one space sector to the next.
F Fire lasers

Space combat[edit]

The enemy Starwalkers always try to drift away from your crosshair. If they reach the edge of the screen, they get away. Try and keep the crosshair between a Starwalker and the nearest screen edge, then shoot it down.

In an enemy-infested sector, you can switch to overhead view only after all Starwalkers have been destroyed. It's a good way to verify whether you're done.

When the Stranger defeats enough Starwalkers, he will be automatically notified that he reached the rank of Space Ace.

Return to Sosaria[edit]

The planet Sosaria is in the central sector. Switch back to the space shuttle, and slowly fly on to the planet.