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The keyboard allows 26 different commands (see below).

Movement outside dungeons is different from inside dungeons. Outside, the arrow keys move the party North, South, East, and West. In the dungeons, the same keys are used, but they move the party Forward, Retreat, Turn Right, and Turn Left respectively.

Key Command Description
 ↑  North Move north one tile,
or indicate north as your target direction.
Advance one step in dungeons.
 ↓  South Move south one tile,
or indicate south as your target direction. Retreat one step in dungeons.
West Move west one tile,
or indicate west as your target direction.
Turn to the left in dungeons.
East Move east one tile,
or indicate east as your target direction.
Turn to the right in dungeons.
Space Pass Pass one game turn without taking any action. Food is consumed.


For more updated versions (e.g. Amiga), you may click directly on the play window to move the party in the direction indicated by the cursor arrow.

Depending on your party's current location, there is a default command which is activated by clicking directly on your party icon in the play window. The default commands are:

  • In towne: transact;
  • On surface: start combat;
  • In combat: attack;
  • On a frigate: fire cannon;
  • On a chest: get chest;
  • On a horse or boat: board;
  • On town, castle, or dungeon entrances: enter;

Whenever you are asked "Which character?" by the game, you may also point and click on the appropriate character window at the right of the play screen.

Joypad (NES)[edit]

In the NES port, all commands are accessed from a menu, because obviously there is no keyboard.

Neutral dpad Use the direction pad to move the members of your party in the four cardinal directions when you are wandering around outdoors, or in castles and towns. You can move the ship in a similar manner while sailing on the ocean. During a battle, you can move the currently selected (blinking) character one space in any of four directions, as well as indicate which direction to attack. When a menu screen is open, move the cursor with the direction pad. In a dungeon, press up to walk forward, down to walk backwards, and left or right to turn in either direction.
A button Call up the command window, and select the command indicated by the cursor in a menu. You can also press A to advance a conversation.
B button Pass time, or pass a players turn in combat. If a command window is open, it closes it.
Start button Begin a game.
Select button Press the Select button while the command window is open to scroll over to another set of commands.

Commands (computer & consolle ports)[edit]

Default order is according to NES menu, that is somewhat close to usefulness of commands.

Letter Command NES Description
E Enter (automatic) Enter a town, castle, dungeon or other landmark.
T Transact 01. Talk Use to talk to townspeople or trade with merchants.
Q Quit (and save) 01. Talk (to innkeeper) Use command to save your progress to disk (from the outside world only), before you quit playing. You can resume the game from this point.
In the NES port, you can only save at an inn.
C Cast 02. Magic Cast a magic spell. When chosen, you will be asked for the character's number (1-4) and, for some professions, whether the spell will be W/C (Wizard/Cleric). Then the rank (A-P) of the spell will be requested.
In the NES port, spells are chosen from a list.
A Attack 03. Fight Attempts to damage foe with "ready weapon". Must be followed by indicating the direction for the attack.
Z "Z"-tats 04. Status Displays your vital statistics, possessions, and spells.
W Wear armor 04. Status: armor Outfits player with specified armor if owned.
R Get a weapon ready 04. Status: weapons Equip yourself with a specific weapon for use in combat.
I Ignite torch 05. Tools: torch Lights a given player's torch.
N Negate time 05. Tools: sands of time When the proper item is found and used, time stops around the party for several turns.
P Peer at a gem 05. Tools: gem With the aid of a special item, you can temporarily see a map of where the party is located. On the surface, the map is of the entire world; in a town or castle, the map shows all the inside areas; in a dungeon, all of that level is visible. Even the ladders, doors, and special objects are shown.
U Unlock 05. Tools: key Open doors if you have the key. Must be followed by direction to door and the player whose key is to be used. One use per key.
Y Yell 05. Tools: silver horn Allows player to yell any word desired. Allows words to be screamed over a distance.
O Other command 13. Bribe,
14. Pray
Enter any command desired during game play. Allows specific action commands in special situations or places. See the Text transcript for details.
H Hand equipment 06. Give
09. Food
Trades equipment between two players. Followed by prompts to determine what is to be exchanged.
In the NES port, "food" distributes food equally between all party members.
G Get chest 07. Get Open chest. Must be followed by the number of the player who will search for traps, open the chest and acquire its contents.
S Steal 07. Get Used to steal chests from behind store counters. It is unnecessary in the computer ports, but it has to be done in the NES port to find a special item.
D Descend 08. Climb Climb down a ladder to the next lower dungeon level.
K "K"-limb 08. Climb Climb up a ladder in a dungeon.
J Join gold 10. Gold Gives all gold in party to player indicated. Useful for buying special items or services that are expensive.
B Board 11. Horse Board a frigate or mount horses.
In the NES port, boarding and disembarking frigates is automatic. Furthermore, the party can enter towns or dungeons or board frigates while they are on horseback.
X eXit 11. Horse Exit from a frigate or dismount from horses.
In the NES port, boarding and disembarking frigates is automatic. Furthermore, the party can enter towns or dungeons or board frigates while they are on horseback.
M Move 12. Order Exchanges the positions of any two players within the party.
F Fire N/A Fire a ship's cannons (after boarding) in direction indicated. Has a range of three tiles. Any enemy killed with ship's cannon yields neither treasure nor experience!
L Look N/A Identifies an object in a specified direction. Look is particularly useful before entering unknown places or terrain.
V Volume N/A Depending on the game version, either it toggles sound effects on and off, or it changes volume between 100%, 50%, and 25%.