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The "B" marks the location of Dardin's Pit

Dardin's Pit is located at the top of a forest valley straight North of Lord British's castle. It conceals just the Mark of Kings, that can also be found in many other dungeons, therefore the game can be cleared without entering this dungeon.

Dardin's Pit was renamed "Cave of Death" in the NES version. Also, in that version it conceals the Silver Pick, an item unique to the NES that is necessary to obtain the Mystic Swords (i.e. the Exotic Weapons).



  • G = Gremlin (steals food)
  • T = Trap
  • W = Strange wind (blows out torches)
X = False wall

Floor Map Notes
Floor 1 Ultima III Dardin F1.png Sign 1: "Dardin's Pit!"
Floor 2 Ultima III Dardin F2.png Sign 2: "Secret slides!"
k = Mark of Kings
D = Damage fountain
Floor 3 Ultima III Dardin F3.png Sign 3: "Beware traps!"
H = Healing fountain
Floor 4 Ultima III Dardin F4.png Sign 4: "Ever adventure!"
Floor 5 Ultima III Dardin F5.png Sign 5: "Gremlins!"
H = Healing fountain
C = Cure poison fountain
P = Poison fountain
Floor 6 Ultima III Dardin F6.png Sign 6: "Circle death!"
Floor 7 Ultima III Dardin F7.png Sign 7: "Collasal cavern!"
16-bit ports: "Colossal cavern!"
Floor 8 Ultima III Dardin F8.png Sign 8: "Traps to gold!"
k = Mark of Kings
H = Healing fountain
C = Cure poison fountain
NES: The chest in the South-West corner contains the Silver Pick.