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The "F" marks the location of Dungeon Doom

The Dungeon of Doom is located beyond the Great Forest, straight West of Montor. It conceals the Mark of Force, that can also be found in the Dungeon of Fire, but Dungeon Doom is easier to navigate.

This dungeon was nameless in the original ports; the misty writings near the entrance read: "Welcome, fool, to your doom!". Therefore, the Japanese Ponycanyon ports (NES, etc.) called it "Cave of Fool", while external material in the USA called it "Dungeon Doom".



  • G = Gremlin (steals food)
  • T = Trap
  • W = Strange wind (blows out torches)
X = False wall

Floor Map Notes
Floor 1 Ultima III Doom F1.png Sign 1: "Welcome, fools, to your doom!!"
NES port: "Cave of Fool"

C = Cure poison fountain
Floor 2 Ultima III Doom F2.png Sign 2: "Secret corners!"

Floor 3 Ultima III Doom F3.png Sign 3: "Traps & Treasure"

Floor 4 Ultima III Doom F4.png Sign 4: "Beware the Winds"

Floor 5 Ultima III Doom F5.png Sign 5: "Danger!"

C = Cure poison fountain
H = Healing fountain
Floor 6 Ultima III Doom F6.png Sign 6: "Map well!!!"

D = Damage fountain
Floor 7 Ultima III Doom F7.png Sign 7: "Reach up!"

Floor 8 Ultima III Doom F8.png Sign 8: "Windy secret"
f = Mark of Force

C = Cure poison fountain
H = Healing fountain
D = Damage fountain
P = Poison fountain