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The Silver Snake[edit]

Once you have 2550 health points and all eight Marks and Cards, you're ready for Exodus. Make all of your party get their Exotic weapons "Ready" and "Wear" Exotic armour and sail up to the Snake in the center of the island on the southwest corner of the Mainland. [Y]ell EVOCARE.

You must yell the secret word (or blow the Silver Horn on the NES) in front of the big snake when you have the Mark of Snake to pass and enter Exodus’ Castle.

Castle of Exodus[edit]

Ultima III Exodus Castle.gif

Within these walls lies the Daemon Exodus, defended by terrible monsters, and hidden within a maze of passages blocked with fields of Force and Fire. To even approach the Castle, one must first pass the Great Earth Serpent bound by dark Magicks to be the Guardian of the Castle.

  • Located on an island to the southwest of the Sosarian continent. To pass the silver snake, you must have the Mark of the Snake and knowledge of the secret word which you must yell.
  • The castle contains many strong monsters, which are immune to anything less than the most powerful weapons!

Assault on Exodus[edit]

Note that you can't use powder to negate time in Exodus Castle. It would be wise to make a backup copy of the Roster file before entering the castle, as things can get rough in there. As you go along you'll have several fairly tough battles.

Go as far to the west (or east) as you can, walking through the Fire and Force Fields. Then head north, all the way up. In the upper central part you'll hit three sets of invisible enemies (Floors), each of whom hit pretty hard. Use your Wizard's "P" spell or your Cleric's "O" spell. To get the rest, line your men up abreast and march up the room, attacking forward and to the sides. Each Floor panel will only take one hit to kill when you find them. Watch which of your guys is getting hit: he's the one nearest your foe.

Now the time has come. Move below, to the left of the machine that is Exodus. [I]nsert Love, move right, [I]nsert Sol, move right, [I]nsert Moons, right again and [I]nsert Death.

NES version[edit]

You need the Mark of Snake and the Silver Horn to access the Castle (the Silver Horn replaces the Yell command and the word Evocare). The Mark of Snake is found in the Cave of Sol. To obtain the Silver Horn you must first get the Mark of Fire, e.g. found in the Cave of Moon; with that, go to Yew and walk across the lava pits to access the Temple; in the Temple, you'll learn the "Pray" command. Pray in the nearby Circle of Light to obtain the Silver Horn.

In the NES version, Exodus Castle was drastically modified. Follow this link for a map of the Nintendo version.

At the first hall, take the exit on the right, then follow the "white" corridor northwards. Hug the left wall until you pass a blue force field. Continue to the left, then turn northwards at the first fork to reach Exodus. Use the "Pray" command to insert the four Cards in Exodus, following the order that you learned from the Time Lord in the Cave of Moon.

Only in the NES version is there an extra step to reach the ending. After you have entered all four cards in the correct order, you must make your way back out of the castle with the Ankh to finish the game. Run to the exit as fast as you can!