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Governmental services[edit]


  • Towns: Britain Castle

Whenever a character has enough experience, talk to Lord British, and he will increase his/her health points by 100.

In the NES port, these upgrades also make new, stronger monsters spawn. The advantage is that at game start there are level-1 monsters only (unlike in the computer ports).


  • Towns: Montor West, Britain Castle

It is hard to access a prison, but the prisoners know important information. In Montor West, you should bribe the guard and use a magic key. In the Castle, you should use a key and have the Mark of Fire. In the NES port, the Mark of Force will be useful, too.

Commercial services[edit]

Armoury & weapons shop[edit]

These are the very first shops where the characters should go.

The armoury and the weapons dealer in the Town of Dawn sell more powerful and more expensive equipment. In the NES port, all armouries sell the same armors.

  • List:
    • Britain: Weapons and Armoury.
    • Grey: Weapons and Armour.
    • Montor East: Acme Weaponry and Ace Armoury.
    • Montor West: Armour and Weapon.
    • Death Gulch: Weapons and Armours.
  • Magic equipment:
    • Dawn: Armour and Weapons.

Casino (NES)[edit]

Bet money, and you can win or lose. On the long run, you will end up with as much money as at the beginning, if you are lucky.

Note that the casinos are found in towns where the Thieves Guild is present, too. Coincidence?

  • Towns: Grey, Fawn

Grocery shop[edit]

By far the shop that the characters will visit more often. Buy food, or the heroes will die of starvation!

Montor East is the only town in Sosaria without a grocery.

  • List:
    • Britain: De Grocer.
    • Moon: Capessii Cantom.
    • Grey: Rations.
    • Devil Guard: Food and Health.
    • Montor West: Ambrosian Delight.
    • Fawn: Provisions.
    • Yew: Aliment.
    • Death Gulch: Draught or Spot.
    • Dawn: Grocery.


They offer four services: cure poison, heal health points, resurrect a dead ally, recall an ally turned into ash.

  • List:
    • Britain Castle: Healing.
    • Moon: Le Holy Healing.
    • Devil Guard: Food and Health.
    • Fawn: Healers Three.
    • Yew: Sanescere.
    • Dawn: Healing.

In the NES port, healers do not recall a character turned into ashes: you have to go to a temple for that. On the other hand, some healers offer two extra services: cure a cold (a NES-exclusive status similar to poison), and a character can give blood, thus earning 30GP for every 100 HP donated.

  • NES healers:
    • Traditional: Yew, Devil Guard, Fawn
    • New type: Britain Castle, Moon, Dawn

Inn (NES)[edit]

These are the only save points in the NES game, and they are free.

(In the computer ports, the game was saved whenever the party entered or left a town or a dungeon, whenever a character died or turned into ashes, and whenever you pressed Q.)

  • Towns: Britain Castle, Dawn, Ambrosia


Learn important clues for a high price. The oracle's name is Radrion, the prophet of life. In the computer ports, the oracle gives the same advice in the Castle and in Dawn; in the NES port, the two oracles give different clues.

  • Towns: Britain Castle, Dawn


Buy a drink and learn useful gossip from the bartender. In the computer ports, the information received depends solely on the size of the tip, and not on the specific bartender. Vice versa, in the NES port every bartender gives a single different hint, always after the third and the fifth drink purchased.

Yew is the only town in Sosaria without a pub.

  • List:
    • Britain: The Pub.
    • Moon: The Blue Boar.
    • Grey: Taphouse.
    • Devil Guard: Le Grogshop.
    • Montor East: The Brown Orc.
    • Montor West: Bar.
    • Fawn: Canteen.
    • Death Gulch: Draught or Spot.
    • Dawn: Ballyhoo.


Horses allow to outrun land enemies. They are very expensive at game start, and they are unnecessary after the characters build-up their attributes.

  • Towns: Devil Guard, Dawn

Temple (NES)[edit]

In the NES port, #Healers do not recall a character turned into ashes: you have to come to a temple for that. At game start, the only accessible temple is in Moon, while the Yew "fire temple" is surrounded by a fire field.

  • Towns: Moon, Yew

Thieves guild shop[edit]

The shops of the Thieves Guild sell the tools of their trade: "magic" keys (known as lockpicks from Ultima 4 onwards), torches, magic gems, time-stopping sand. In the NES port, they also sell tents, useful to restore health points outside towns or dungeons.

  • List:
    • Grey: Guild.
    • Devil Guard: Thieves Guild.
    • Fawn: Tools of Trade.
    • Dawn: The Guild.