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Hidden within the Depths of the Forest, and concealed with Powerful Magic, the City of Dawn can be reached be travelling west from Montor West. The exact coordinates of its location can only be learned after you obtained the mark of fire in one of the Dungeons.

Town of Dawn[edit]

Information from Sosaria[edit]

In the NES port the final hint went missing (see the bottom line).

Town Location Hint NES hint
Britain Merchant in the south-west "Dawn comes each new pair!" "Go to Dawn!"
Death Gulch - "Dawn appears when two new moons."
(any town) Pub "Dawn, the city of myths and magic!" "Dawn is the town of mystery and magic."
(Devil Guard pub)
(any town) Pub "The conjunction of the moons finds link!" "Solve the mystery of two moons."
(Fawn pub)
Grey Fighter behind armoury "Exotic clues found at Dawn!" "Have you ever heard about the Mystic Armor?
You can find clues at Dawn."
Moon Wizard in woods outside moat "Dawn rises in the dark forest." "I'll tell you a secret.
Dawn is a mysterious town that appears in the forest."
Montor West Fighter in armoury "Seek the jester in castle fire!" "You may be busy fighting against Exodus, but remember to go to the prison.
They say the prisoners know the secret."
Castle Jester in fire field "West 8, South 35 and await the Dawn!" "Have you ever heard of Dawn?"

Town location[edit]

Start from the Castle of Lord British, walk west 7 leagues, then south 35 leagues into the forests to the south. When both Trammel and Felucca are new, then shall Dawn appear before you.

Alternatively, you can find this town by walking four steps north and nine steps west of Montor West.

Town features[edit]

Ultima III Town Dawn.png

Services: Armor shop, Weapon shop, Horse stables, Guild, Pub, Grocery store, Healer, Oracle (NES: Inn)

Within the towne are all services: a healer, an oracle, a grocery, the Thieves Guild, a stable, and the Ballyhoo Pub. The Weaponsmith and the Armourer are worthy of note, as in addition to the mundane stock sold by their counterparts elsewhere, they forge and sell items of Magic. Dawn's weapon shop has far better weapons for sale than in other towns, but they are more expensive, of course. In the NES port, there is a savegame inn, too.

More important, in the lower right corner are three guys, each with important clues about Exotic weapons.

You can buy some basic weapons from the many towns. More advanced weapons can only be found in the town of Dawn. Don't bother spending too much on armor, since the Exotic Armor is pretty easy to find and can be equipped by every profession.

  • NES port: Instead of the "Dig" command, you can find the "Gold Pick" in a treasure chest (the very left) in the guild. Be careful of guards, though! When you steal the chest, let the Thief do it, or a "thief hybrid" character with Dexterity 99 (Illusionist, Alchemist, Barbarian).

Exotic arms[edit]

Information from Sosaria[edit]

Town Location Hint
Britain Thief behind armoury "Only with exotic arms can you win."
Montor East Fighter in pub "'Exotics' are useful!"
Grey Any thief in armoury "Ever seen exotic arms?"
Grey Wizard in woods "Only exotics will protect from great evil!"
Grey Fighter behind armoury "Exotic clues found at Dawn!"
Dawn "<Dig> up Exotics."
Dawn "<Dig> carefully!"

Exotics location[edit]

Exotic Weapons are absolutely essential to fighting your way through the castle Death to reach Exodus. They are not the most effective weapons elsewhere because they have no long distance ability. Outfit each player that is capable of wielding distance weapons with the best possible. Even a sling is better than an Exotic sword if you defeat your foe before he gets within striking range.

After leaving Dawn, try to find a ship if you don't already have one. Once you've secured your own ship, try digging ([O]ther Command, type "DIG") on the two-tiles islands near the island town of Fawn and east of Grey.

You may prefer to keep some of your party members equipped with a Bow +2 (NES bow) or Bow +4 (NES silver bow), that are the best ranged weapons.

NES mystic arms[edit]

In the NES version, the word "Exotic" is replaced with "Mystic", the method is a little more difficult, and requires two different picks.

  • You can claim the Gold Pick by opening the left-most chest in the Guild Shop in Dawn from across the counter. Use a Thief or a "thief-hybrid" character to steal (Illusionist, Alchemist, Barbarian). If you're caught, cast Stop or use Sands to stop time and escape the town.
  • Use the Gold Pick on the small island east of Gray to find the Mystic Armor. Every member of your party should equip one of these.
  • To get the Silver Pick, descend to the bottom level of the Cave of Death (Dardin's Pit) north of the castle and open the chest in the southwest corner.
  • Use the Silver Pick on the small island southeast of Fawn to find the Mystic Weapon.