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  • Enter from Despise, north of Britain.
  • Get the Yellow and the Orange stones.
  • Get two Key Parts from the Altars of Courage and of Love.
  • Leave from Covetous and use a Blink spell.

Dungeons Despise and Covetous[edit]

L. Map of the floor Walkthrough
D1 U4 AMI d3 Despise L1.png
U4 SMS d3 Despise L1rooms.png
The west fountain refreshes all health, the east one is poisonous. There are two rooms and three doors.
D2 U4 AMI d3 Despise L2.png
U4 SMS d3 Despise L2rooms.png
In the first room, a trigger under a chest makes the bridge collapse; in order to restore it, all you have to do is to walk on the remaining west portion of the bridge itself.
D3 U4 AMI d3 Despise L3.png This is the cross-shaped portion of the floor.
Take the south stairs first, in order to reach the Stone on the 5th floor.

In the circular portion of the floor there are 4 chests (6 in the Master System).
D4 U4 AMI d3 Despise L4.png
U4 SMS d3 Despise L4rooms.png
This is the larger portion of the floor.
There are secret passages in the central room; in order to reveal them, the triggers are in the side "alcoves", along the walls. Both fountains cure poison. The first magic orb is on this floor: it raises Dexterity by 5, but deals 200 damages. The stairs lead to two "dead-end areas" full of chests.
D5 U4 AMI d3 Despise L5.png U4 SMS d3 Despise L5rooms.png
It is easy to miss this floor. Coming from the larger area of the 4th floor, there is a secret passage on the north side of the single-tile stair room: the Yellow Stone of Compassion is hidden there. In the central room, defeat all enemies, then seek carefully for triggers in the walls: one trigger activates the next one, until a northwards bridge appears.
D6 U4 AMI d3 Despise L6.png
U4 SMS d3 Despise L6rooms.png
The fountain fully refreshes health. There are 20 chests (42 in the Master System).
D7 U4 AMI d3 Despise L7.png Climb back to floor 3, and take any of the other stairs. Short passages lead to this floor.
A secret passage allows to bypass the long corridor.
D8 U4 AMI d3 Despise L8.png U4 SMS d3 Despise L8rooms.png
Three Magic Orbs are found on this floor.
There is a way to get through all rooms without backtracking (except from the Magic Balls). First, from the stairs, start by going east. In the first room, go north for the first Ball, then continue east. At the second room, exit to the north. In the third room, the obvious exit leads to the second orb, but you have to step on a series of four wall triggers in order to open the secret passage westwards (note that sleep cures poison). In the fourth room, the chest under the reaper activates a ring of fire fields. In the fifth room leave to the south. In the sixth and last room, go south for the last magic orb, then use several "Dispel" spells to leave westwards. After that, the Companions will eventually reach the Altar Room.

BUG ALERT: in the Master System, the last Magic Ball is unreachable.
A U4 SMS d0 Altar3.png The Companions enter the Altar Room of Love from Despise from the north. Covetous is to the west. The enemies are always randomly generated.
You lack one stone to use this altar.
C8 U4 AMI d6 Covetous L8.png
U4 SMS d6 Covetous L8rooms.png
The Companions should come from the Altar Room of Love, that is to the north.
C7-b U4 AMI d6 Covetous L7.png
U4 SMS d6 Covetous L7rooms1.png
Peer at a gem to locate the secret passage that leads to the Orange Stone of Sacrifice.
A U4 SMS d0 Altar3.png After getting the 7th stone, go back to the two altar rooms of Love and of Courage and collect the last two thirds of the Three-Parts Key. The enemies are always randomly generated.
C7-a U4 AMI d6 Covetous L7.png
U4 SMS d6 Covetous L7rooms2.png
In the central room to the east, step in the center-left tile to open a secret passage that goes upstairs

BUG ALERT: in some versions (Amiga, Atari ST) the secret passage is bugged, the second stairs up are missing, and the only way up is by casting a "Y-up" spell.
C6 U4 AMI d6 Covetous L6.png There are three magic orbs on this floor. Each of them raises Strength and Dexterity by 5, but deals 400 damages.
The single ladder up leads to corridors with 14 chests (28 in the Master System port), and also one of the two double-ladders leads to a corridor with 15 chests (30 in the Master System).
C5 U4 AMI d6 Covetous L5.png Only the single-tile room allows to reach up to the 4th floor. There aare 29 chests on this floor (61 in the Master System).
C4 U4 AMI d6 Covetous L4.png
U4 SMS d6 Covetous L4rooms.png
Coming from below, the way "up" in the two rooms is in plain view. If you want to go back down, prepare four or more "Dispel" spells and search for the triggers that open the secret passages. There are just two rooms on the floor, the rest are doors. Eight chests in most ports, but sixteen in the Master System.
C3 U4 AMI d6 Covetous L3.png U4 SMS d6 Covetous L3rooms.png
The fourth Magic Orb is on this floor. In order to get there, a trigger is in the north-east corner of the room next to it.
C2 U4 AMI d6 Covetous L2.png A floor without obstacles.
C1 U4 AMI d6 Covetous L1.png
U4 SMS d6 Covetous L1rooms.png
One fountain is harmful, the other one cures poison. If you want to go back down through the room, the trigger is between the wall and the two bodies (under the ghosts) in the north-east.
The area surrounding the entrance to Dungeon Covetous.

When you emerge from the entrance of dungeon Shame, [P]eer at a gem. If you cast a "Blink" spell to the east, the party will teleport close to Vesper and its cheap inn.