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Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar is a CRPG wherein you control a hero with a team of up to eight adventurers in a quest across the fantasy world of Britannia. The ultimate goal of the game is to become the 'Avatar,' thus becoming a guiding light to the people. This is accomplished by exploring the world and achieving mastery of eight 'virtues', and lastly reading the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

The game mechanics are typical CRPG fare, where party members gain levels to improve their powers, obtain better equipment, learn new spells, combat monsters, and solve puzzles.

Game versions[edit]

Ultima 4 was ported on twelve different systems and consolles.

Year Port Notes
1985 Apple II The original port.
1985 Atari 8-bit Essentially identical to the original port.
1985 C64 Some improvements to graphics and RAM requirements, but very long loading times.
1987 MS-DOS Some improvements to graphics, but no music at all.
1987 MSX & PC-8801 Japanese only; almost identical to the original port, with improved graphics.
1987 PC-9801 Japanese only; almost identical to the original port, with further improved graphics.
1988 Amiga & Atari ST Great improvements to graphics and sound, especially in dungeons; mouse is featured.
1989 NES REMAKE. Very different graphics and music; reduced dialogues; controls modified for joypad.
The Japanese version features many more inhabitants in the towns, with longer dialogue.
1990 Sega MS Further improvements to graphics; controls modified for joypad; overhead dungeons instead of first person; released in Japan, Europe and South America, but not in North America.
1992 FM Towns Japanese only; essentially identical to the MS-DOS port, with added music.

Original version (1985) Apple II
Most popular port (1985) MS-DOS
Most advanced ports (1985) Amiga
(1990) Sega Master System
Remake (1989) NES
Fan-made upgrade (2001) Upgrade patch for MS-DOS port

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