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The eight companions[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject #Companions

The number of characters that can join the party is equal to the Stranger's experience level. At game start, only one or two companions can join; every time the Stranger rises by one level, the party size will increase by one slot.

Suggested recruitment order
N. Companion Hit rate Ranged weapons Magic Overall
1 Iolo the Bard A: top C: average C: average The first companion who can join the Stranger
2 Julia the Tinker B: good B: great D: poor Probably the best physical fighter
3 Jaana the Druid C: average A: top B: great One of the two characters who can cast "Resurrect"
4 Mariah the Mage D: low D: gap: worst+best A: top One of the two characters who can cast "Resurrect"
5 Katrina the Shepherd B: good F: minimal E: none Recruit her early, or she will be just a burden;
in the NES remake, she can use two unique items.
6 Geoffrey the Fighter E: poor E: limited F: none An underpowered character;
in the NES remake, he can use an exclusive short-ranged weapon
7 Dupre the Paladin E: poor B: great C: average A character just below average, because of his poor hit rate
8 Shamino the Ranger C: average C: average C: average Too much balanced, without specializations and without limits to compensate

Mainland shrines[edit]

See also Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)/The Shrines of Virtue#Mainland shrines

Shrine of Compassion[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject#Shrine of Compassion
The town of Britain and Castle Britannia
Castle Britannia

As the gate guards tell you, climb the stairs and speak with Lord British on the upper floor. Also, talk to Hawkwind the Seer on the ground floor: the purple magic fields in his room are just harmless sleep fields (omitted in the NES remake).

On the ground floor, know that there are secret passages in the east wing. In the healer's room, Seesha tells you about Zircon in Minoc (in the NES remake, she can be identified with a person in Minoc).

Town of Britain

After you reached Castle Britannia and spoke to everybody in there, step out and visit the nearby city of Britain.

Important: visit the shrine before recruiting Iolo. In fact, the shrine requires to cross poisonous swamps. If you wait before recruiting Iolo, you can save some "Cure Poison" spells. On the other hand, if the Stranger is unable to use magic (fighter or shepherd), a companion will be necessary.

Iolo the Bard is the first character who can join the Stranger (see also: Ultima 7). He has top dexterity, and therefore hit rate; furthermore, he starts equipped with a sling, that is a ranged weapon. For the rest, he has average strength and average magic points.

Purchase a close-combat weapon (a staff) for Iolo and a sling for the Stranger. Equip both with the sling; you can swap weapons during battle (in the NES remake, the two can be equipped at the same time).

Two characters, Sebastian at the healer and Thevel in the pub, speak about two threads that require a ship: later!

Talk to five characters in order to learn all you need about the shrine of compassion: Sprite and Pepper for the rune; a child and Cricket the bard for the mantra; Shapero for the location of the shrine.

Shrine of Compassion

Follow Shapero's directions and travel to the east. Before crossing the swamp, mix garlic and ginseng three times and prepare three "Cure Poison" spells.

Retrun to Britain and let Iolo join you.

Shrine of Sacrifice[edit]

Visiting a shrine of virtue
See also: Text transcript by subject#Shrine of Sacrifice

After talking with all the inhabitants of Britain and Castle Britannia, the Stranger learned about three quests. Only one is on the mainland and can be followed right now: let us learn about the Mystic Arms in Minoc. Incidentally, the Shrine of Sacrifice is the only one on mainland that can be accessed without needing Cure Poison spells (in the NES remake, the character who relays to Zircon is met in Minoc).

Minoc is quite far away to the east, but the Stranger and Iolo together can make it. In order to reach Minoc, travel east until the swamp near the Shrine of Compassion; take a long loop north around Lock Lake and reach the mountain pass; continue north-east until you reach the Bloody Plains, then all the way north, and eventually west in a small valley.

The town of Minoc, surrounded by mountains
Town of Minoc

In Minoc, Julia the Tinker can join the companions. She is a character oriented towards melee combat, therefore if the party already includes a fighter or a paladin, Julia can wait in Minoc for later (in fact, it is highly recommended to recruit Jaana or Mariah early, because only they can cast the "resurrect" spell, vital in Hythloth, the first dungeon).

Talk to all the inhabitants of Minoc and learn about the Rune, the Mantra and the Shrine of Sacrifice.

Talk to Zircon, and he will relay the companions to the next characters who know about the Mystic Arms: Sir Simon and Lady Tessa.

Shrine of Self-Sacrifice

Leave Minoc with the rune and the mantra. Travel east across the river and across the mountain pass. Meditate at the Shrine, then travel south.

Village of Vesper

South of the Shrine of Sacrifice is the village of Vesper. The main feature right now is its inn, that is the cheapest in Britannia: 1 Gold Piece per night.

Shrine of Honor[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject#Shrine of Honor

After visiting the east, let us go back to Britain. The next destination is to the south: continue the Mystic arms quest, and restock "Cure Poison" spells. Travel south following the east coast.

Village of Paws

The chief guard of the village, Wilmoore, informs the companions about the location of Buccaneer's Den: this will be important later, when you will get a ship.

Purchase horses for all the party, at the cost of 200 GP. They allow to go faster on any terrain and outrun unwanted enemies.

In the armoury, the party can meet Sir Simon and Lady Tessa, but they reveal their information only to an eight-parts Avatar of Virtue. Check the wall carefully: a secret passage leads to an apothecary shop. There, buy a dozen of garlic and of ginseng, that are the cheapest in Britannia, and mix a dozen Cure Poison spells. In order to improve your Virtues, pay some extra money to the shopkeeper.

Outside, along the north wall, Jingles speaks about his master Mentorian and the Gate Travel spell.

Trinsic and the gate of the gibbous waning moon
Town of Trinsic

Leave Paws and keep traveling south along the east coast. Eventually you will reach Trinsic.

Important: get the rune and visit the shrine before recruiting Dupre. In fact, both rune and shrine require to cross poisonous fields. If you wait before recruiting Dupre, you can save some "Cure Poison" spells.

Dupre the Paladin is in the pub. He is a fighter-type character with very low dexterity, but good bow skills. Think of him as a tinker with lower dexterity: if the tinker already joined the party, Dupre can wait (in fact, it is highly recommended to recruit Jaana or Mariah early, because only they can cast the "Resurrect" spell, vital in the first dungeon, Hythloth).

In the SMS port, it is important that you spoke to Sheila of Castle Britannia, in order to unlock the keywords for the mantra and rune thread. Talk to Kline, then Winthrop, then Terrin and learn about mantra and rune; talk to Dergin and learn about the Shrine location.

Swindrik speaks about mandrake roots, and relays the party to the pub in Paws. Sailor Sam talks about the sextant, and directs you to the pub in Jhelom.

Shrine of Honor

Follow Dergin's directions: east first, then south. Cross the poisonous swamp, meditate, cross the swamp again, and eventually cast "Cure" on the poisoned characters.

After you visited the shrine, you can go back to Trinsic and recruit Dupre, if you want.

Shrine of Justice[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject#Shrine of Justice

Leave Trinsic and travel back north. Stop in Paws, offer a 100 GP tip to the barkeep, and ask about mandrake: he will reply to speak with Calumny of Yew.

Continue north to Castle Britannia. If you already recruited as many companions as your experience level, talk to Lord British and level up.

From the capital city, start by going west, follow the mountains north, pass to the other side, and continue north to the forest edge. The vegetation in the Great Forest is less dense along two paths (sort of Y-shaped, coming from the south): follow the eastern one, and at the end of it go straight north. The companions will soon reach Yew.

The town of Yew, surrounded by the forest
Town of Yew

Important: get the rune and visit the shrine before recruiting Jaana. In fact, both rune and shrine require to cross poisonous fields. If you wait before recruiting Jaana, you can save some "Cure Poison" spells.

Jaana the Druidess is in the north-west woods, near the chanting Silent and Flamis the fire. She is a mage/bard hybrid, with good bow skills and high magic points. In fact, she is one of the only two characters who will naturally gain enough MP to cast "Resurrect", at level 5 (Mariah the Mage at level 2). This will be important in the first dungeon, Hythloth.

Druid-druid gives a piece of information about everything: the rune, the shrine, the mantra, and even the stone. For the rune, talk to Talfourd the judge, then to Vorpal the prisoner; for the mantra, talk to Pinrod and to Silent.

The barkeeper in Paws spoke about Calumny: he is near the east edge of town, beyond the moat. Ask him of the mandrake root. He reveals its location, in two poisonous swamps; for the moment, it is better to save on "Cure Poison" spells and to invest on keys and ranged weapons. Furthermore, Calumny teaches you a better mix for the "Quickness" spell (in the SMS port, he teaches the full recipe).

In the SMS port, Short Round (from the Indiana Jones movie) is replaced by Henry Jones, the fictional father of Indiana.

Shrine of Justice

Follow the directions by "Druid-druid": go east, then north. Cross the poisonous swamp, meditate, cross the swamp again, and eventually cast "Cure" on the poisoned characters.

After you visited the shrine, go back to Yew and do recruit Jaana.

Second tour of the mainland shrines[edit]

Guild shop in Vesper

In the NES remake you need the expensive magic key to unlock the cells in Yew and get the rune of Justice. If you are playing a computer or SMS port, follow this walkthrough anyway: travel to the Shrine of Sacrifice and to Vesper, and purchase 90 or so keys from the guild.

Locked doors

With the new equipment, let us get some more information from behind the locked doors. The following path allows to cross all the mainland in the most efficient way:

  1. Vesper: none; re-visit the Shrine of Sacrifice;
  2. Minoc: none;
  3. Yew: none; re-visit the Shrine of Justice;
  4. Castle Britannia: Zorin, Reaper, prisoners; level-up with Lord British;
  5. Britain: none; re-visit the Shrine of Compassion;
  6. Paws: Francesca/Teresa, Smith the horse;
  7. Trinsic: 2 optional ones; purchase an extra bow; re-visit the Shrine of Honor.

Talk to Lord British, and if the Stranger reaches level 4 (800 experience points), pirate ships will start appearing in the sea. If you lack the money to buy an extra bow in Trinsic (250 GP, purchase an extra sling in Britain instead.

At the end of this tour, you will end up in Trinsic. Incidentally, the next step requires to use the Trinsic moongate.

Island shrines[edit]

See also Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)/The Shrines of Virtue#Island shrines

When the Stranger reaches level 4 (800 exp.), pirate ships start appearing on the sea.

Traveling by ship is far from convenient: if enemies drop any money, it sinks instantly into the sea. Furthermore, the wind slows down your travel.

In order to optimize time and gold, it is better to use the Moongates, instead of pirate ships, to visit the next two cities. Once there, a ship will be used just between the city and the shrine.

Shrine of Honesty[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject#Shrine of Honesty
Moongate travel

Leave Trinsic, pass the river to the south and wait near its mouth. The moongate appears when the left-hand moon is gibbous waning (i.e. after full moon). The moongate links to Moonglow at the time of the new moon, that is its second destination: the Companions will have the time to enter it even if they are a couple of steps away.

Moonglow and the gate of new moon
Town of Moonglow

In the south-east, Inoo tells the Stranger about his/her ultimate quest: enter the Great Stygian Abyss and reach the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

Mariah the Mage is in the north-west portion of town. She is absolutely the best magic user in the game, and one of the two who can easily cast "Resurrect". Her strength is minimal, but she can still use two ranged weapons: the weakest sling and the most powerful magic wand.

In order to access the shrine, Cromwell knows the mantra; Calabrini knows the shrine location; talk to Christen first, then to William and learn where is the rune (note: use the "search" command, not "get chest").

Cosima reveals that the "Sleep" spell recipe can be improved: use just one spider silk instead of two. In the SMS port, she reveals the full recipe. Shazom relays the party to the Lycaeum to learn the "Resurrect" spell.

Stronghold of the Lycaeum

It is optional right now, but you can visit the Lycaeum. Said stronghold of truth is on the same island as Moonglow, to the north-west.

Ask Nigel what Shazom of Moonglow told you, and he will teach the recipe for the "Resurrect" spell. Palamar explains how to use the telescope in his room: it allows to see the maps of all 16 cities in Britannia; check if you visited all secret rooms.

Shrine of Honesty

Note that, if you leave the horses anywhere out of town they will wait for yor return, but if you leave them inside a town or castle, they will disappear.

The best spot where to wait for a pirate ship are along the east coast of Verity Isle; in fact, the south is full of shoals and the west coast is blocked by a reef.

Follow Calabrini's directions and sail straight north. Pass the small island with the dungeon, and land just north-west of it. Meditate at the shrine, return to Verity Isle, leave the ship and mount your horses (that you should have left out of town).

Moonglow moongate appears when the left-hand moon is new. In order to return to the mainland, wait for the right-hand moon to be crescent waxing (the gate's second destination), and the companions will travel to Britain.

Shrine of Valor[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject#Shrine of Valor

In Jhelom you will need several "Dispel Field" spells. Before you go to Jhelom, go to the apothecary in Paws and/or Moonglow and purchase enough reagents for at least 10 "Dispel": garlic, ash, and black pearls (the moongate near Moonglow links straight to the island of Jhelom).

You will also need a few "magic" keys (lockpicks) from the thieves guild shop in Vesper.

Moongate travel

Travel to the moongate north-west from Yew; it appears when the left-hand moon is gibbous waxing. Enter the moongate when the right-hand moon is waxing half-moon (the gate's second destination).

Jhelom and the gate of the waxing half-moon
Town of Jhelom

Geoffrey the Fighter can be met in a locked room. He has low dexterity, a poor choice of ranged weapons, and no magic points. He is one of the two underpowered characters; since Katrina the shepherd is even less powerful than him, she should be recruited first, in order to compensate.

Talk to Sir Hrothgar and then Aesop for the mantra and the shrine location. The rune is more complicated. First, [J]immy the lock of a door in the inn; inside, Lord Robert directs you to Nostro. Max the housekeeper hints at the fact that there is a secret passage in the room; look well, find it and reach the passages that run around Jhelom. Cast the "Dispel field" spell to advance, and you will eventually meet Nostro, who reveals the location of the rune: in one of the four corners/towers.

Sill in the passages, Senora repeats the information already learned in Trinsic: ask the barkeeper about the sextant. Leave a 99G tip, and Celestial will explain where and how to buy a sextant.

In the weapon shop you can buy crossbows, the 3rd ranged weapon (stronger than slings and bows).

Shrine of Valor

Wait outside of town until a pirate ship comes to receive a beating. Cross the strait, meditate, go back to the main Valarian island.

The Moongate of Jhelom links to other islands only; it appears when the left-hand moon is waxing half. Both remaining destinations can be reached directly from here, but let us go back to Britain Castle and talk to Lord British and Hawkwind. Step in the Jhelom moongate at its third phase (right-hand moon: new moon), and emerge near Moonglow. The moongate there appears when the right-hand moon is new moon, its second phase (right-hand moon: waxing crescent) links to Britain.

Multi-city shrine quests[edit]

See also Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)/The Shrines of Virtue#Multi-city shrine quests

Following the outline at the top, there are some reasons to recruit Katrina the Shepherd early, and some reasons to recruit Shamino the Ranger as the last one.

Shrine of Humility[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject#Shrine of Humility

Before traveling to Magincia ruins, make sure you have a stock of "cure poison" spells. The best prices for ginseng and garlic are in Paws.

Moongate travel

The moongate south of Trinsic links to Magincia ruins as soon as it appears (left: gibbous waning moon, right: waning crescent).

The ruins of Magincia and the gate of the waning crescent moon
Magincia ruins

In the ruins of Magincia, as usual, gather the companion after thoroughly exploring the place. In fact, there are plenty of poison marshes, and you could save a "Cure Poison" spell.

Katrina the Shepherd is the less powerful of all characters: low attributes, minimal choice of equipment, no magic points.

Talk to these three ghosts: Casperin, then Heywood, then Faultless. You will learn the mantra of pride.

Talk to the ghost Ruskin and/or the skeleton Splot, then to Nate the Snake: you will learn that the rune of humility is far from the "ruins of pride". Nate directs you to a man in Paws.

Talk to these three skeletons: Banter, then Weirdrum and Demitry. You will learn about the location of the shrine of humility, but also that you need a Silver Horn. Demitry directs you to the "queen of love", i.e. to Empath Abbey.

Rune, mantra, silver horn

Enter the Magincia moongate as soon as it appears (left-hand moon: waning crescent, right-hand moon: gibbous waning), and the party will travel to Trinsic.

Ride north to Paws. Ask Barren Senior about the rune and confirm by asking Wheatpin, in the south-east of town. Collect the rune following their directions (in the NES remake, the ranger Barren talks about a different rune, and the shepherd Wheatpin is in Vesper: move on!).

Travel to Vesper to learn about the mantra: Gem explains how to obtain it from the mantra of pride that you learned in Magincia ruins. Furthermore, Joseph and Simple confirm the location of the shrine of Humility.

The next stop is Empath Abbey, to the west. Ask Suzanna about the silver horn, and she will direct you to Malchor. The man explains that the horn is found on an islet near the coast south of Skara Brae.

Shrine of Humility

Leave Empath Abbey and travel by land to Spiritwood forest, near Skara Brae. Follow the coast south to a peninsula. Conquer a pirate ship and sail to the islets. Search them and get the Silver Horn. From there, sail straight west and you should reach the west cape of the Abyss Island, pass the cape and go south to the end of the gulf.

Play the silver horn when you land on the dark island, meditate at the shrine, then sail back to mainland: the nearest direction is to the east.

Shrine of Spirituality[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject#Shrine of Spirituality
Moongate travel

There are several convenient ways to reach Skara Brae. One is to get to the coast in front of the town island, south-west of Britain and north-west of Trinsic, and wait for a pirate ship to appear. It may be a long wait, but the land enemies will provide gold to compensate.

Another way is to travel to the moongate near Minoc. It will appear at the left-hand full moon, and it links to Skara Brae as its third phase (right-hand waning half-moon).

Skara Brae and the gate of the waning half-moon
Town of Skara Brae

Shamino the Ranger can be met near the city gates. He is a well-balanced character, maybe even too balanced. Either play as the ranger, or leave Shamino as the last companion. His bow skills are similar to those of Iolo.

When you enter Skara Brae, at first stay ouside the moat, go straight north and talk to Granted. She will direct you to Ambule and then Barren Junior, who knows the mantra of spirituality. Tell the mantra to the Ankh of Spirituality, and it will reveal the location of the rune and of the shrine.

In the SMS port, the Ankh omits the shrine location (because of a bug). The player has to get the idea of trying all moongates when the two moon phases are identical (Moonglow, Yew, Minoc, Magincia ruins). The only clue is from Mike Ward, a ranger in Minoc who came from Skara Brae and talks about the rune and shrine of spirituality.

Near the ankh, the fighter White tests your humility and the mage Carlyle reveals an improved mix for the "Magic Missile" spell. In the herbs shop, Presto starts the thread for the nightshade fungus.

Rune and shrine of Spirituality

The moongate near Skara Brae connects to these towns, in order: Jhelom, Yew, Minoc. The best choice in order to avoid long backtracking is Yew.

Get the rune in the castle, as you were told, and continue to Minoc moongate. Enter it when two moons are full, meditate, leave, and save.

Incidentally, Romasco of Skara Brae set the Stranger on the next part of the quest...

Practicing the Virtues[edit]

See also: Text transcript by subject#Virtues

For many of the following actions you must take 16 steps in the open world before you can earn credit again. For example, if you speak humbly to a man you earn credit for Humility; leave town, take 16 steps, then come back in town: you can then earn more credits by talking to the same man.

It is easy to lose progress on any of the virtues. However, gaining progress is much more difficult since you have to wait between attempts to get the full effect.

Meditation Enlightment Topic Virtuous actions
to do
Selfish actions
to avoid
Honesty 1 Take not the gold of others found in towns and castles, for yours it is not!
NES: Never steal in the townes or castles!
Gold - Steal from chests: -1
Honesty 2 Cheat not the merchants and peddlers, for it is an evil thing to do!
NES: Do not deceive the shopkeepers.
Gold Overpay reagent seller: +3
Pay reagent seller correctly: +2
Underpay reagent seller: -10
Honesty 3 Second, read the Book of Truth at the entrance to the Great Stygian Abyss!
NES: Open the Book of Truth at the gates of the Abyss!
Quest 4 - -
Compassion 1 Kill not the non-evil beasts of the land and do not attack the fair people!
NES: Allow that which is not evil to flee thy wrath.
Flee from non-evil enemies: +2
Let non-evil enemies flee: +1
Fight non-evil enemies: -5
Compassion 2 Give of thy purse to those who beg and thy deed shall not be forgotten!
NES: Give freely of thy wealth to those less fortunate.
Gold Give gold to beggars: +2 -
Compassion 3 Third, light the Candle of Love at the entrance to the Great Stygian Abyss!
NES: Light the Candle of Love at the gates of the Abyss!
Quest 5 - -
Valor 1 Victories scored over evil creatures help to build a valorous soul!
NES: Flee not from strife with that which is evil!
Kill evil enemies: +1 -
Valor 2 To flee from battle with less than grievous wounds often shows a coward!
NES: To flee uninjured from a just battle is cowardice!
- Flee from evil enemies: -2
Valor 3 First, ring the Bell of Courage at the entrance to the Great Stygian Abyss!
NES: Ring the Bell of Courage at the gates of the Abyss!
Quest 3 - -
Justice 1 To take the gold of others is injustice not soon forgotten. Take only thy due!
NES: Do not open another's chests uninvited!
Gold Pay reagent seller correctly: +2 Underpay reagent seller: -10
Steal from chests: -1
Justice 2 Attack not a peaceful citizen, for that action deserves strict punishment!
NES: Stir not strife among the peaceful!
- Fight non-evil enemies: -3
Justice 3 Kill not the non-evil beasts, for they deserve not death, even if in hunger they attack thee!
NES: Seek no quarrel with creatures not evil!
Flee from non-evil enemies: +2
Let non-evil enemies flee: +1
Sacrifice 1 To give thy last gold piece unto the needy shows good measure of self-sacrifice!
NES: It is most noble to give if it doth costs thee thy last coin.
Gold Give gold to beggars: ? -
Sacrifice 2 For thee to flee and leave thy companions is a self-serving action to be avoided!
NES: To flee and leave thy friends to fight is wicked.
Stranger dies in battle: +1 Flee from evil enemies: -2
Sacrifice 3 To give of thy life's blood so that others may live is a Virtue of great praise!
NES: Give of thy very life's blood, so that others may live.
Dialogue Give blood: +5 Refuse to give blood: -5
Honor 1 Take not the gold of others, for this shall bring dishonor upon thee!
NES: A thief is but a begger without honor.
Gold Give gold to beggars: +3
Pay reagent seller correctly: +2
Underpay reagent seller: -10
Steal from chests: -1
Honor 2 To strike first a non-evil being is by no means an honorable deed!
NES: To slay the innocent doth not show thy honor.
- Fight non-evil enemies: -3
Honor 3 Seek ye to solve the many quests before thee and Honor shall be a reward!
NES: Never turn away from a challenge, nor shirk a quest!
Kill evil enemies: +1
Find some special items: +5
Spirituality 1 Seek ye to know thyself. Visit the seer often, for he can see into thy inner being!
NES: Visit the seer Hawkwind often, and learn of thy own Spirit!
Dialogue Speak with Hawkwind: +3 -
Spirituality 2 Meditation leads to enlightenment. Seek ye all wisdom and knowledge!
NES: Meditation casts light upon the shadows of thy spirit.
Dialogue Meditate at a shrine: +3 per cycle Say the incorrect mantra at a shrine: -3
Spirituality 3 If thou dost seek the White Stone, search ye not under the ground, but in the sky near Serpent's Spine!
NES: The Great Mountain holds the white stone at its heart!
Quest 2 - -
Humility 1 Claim not to be that which thou art not. Humble actions speak well of thee!
NES: Take no pride in thy deeds, for pride serves only the self.
Dialogue Answer humbly to some characters: +10 Answer proudly to some characters: -5
Humility 2 Strive not to wield the Great Force of Evil, for its power will overcome thee!
NES: Wield never the power of Evil, for it shall destroy thee.
Item - Use Mondain's Skull: all virtues reset to 0
Humility 3 If thou dost seek the Black Stone, search ye at the time and place of the Gate on the darkest of all nights!
NES: The black stone doth appear on the night of the new moons. Search beneath the moongates!
Quest 1 - -


  • In the Apple II version, if you continue to answer proudly you can get partial avatarhood in Humility without the shrine.
  • In the Apple II version only, exact virtue score can be seen by pressing Ctrl+S.
  • Non-evil enemies are snakes, seahorses, bats, insects, rats, spiders, as well as all townsfolk.