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Quest for the white stone[edit]

Gather information[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Dungeon Hythloth#Gather information

In order to learn about the White Stone of Spirituality, the best starting point is the city of spirituality, Skara Brae. A ranger (Mitre) says that it was supposed to be in Dungeon Hythloth, but it is actually missing. If you visit the inn a few times (just climb the stairs up and down), eventually a ghost (Isaac) will appear; he reveals the location of teh stone, atop a mountain.

In order to reach such place, the information comes from a woman in Castle Britannia (Sniflet of Buccaneer's Den): a "lighter-than-air device" can be found near an exit of Dungeon Hythloth. Where is that dungeon located? The answer comes from a woman in Paws (Damsel): there is a secret entrance in Castle Britannia. It is located beyond a locked door near a beardless mage (Landri).

Dungeon Hythloth[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Dungeon Hythloth#Dungeon Hythloth
  • Goals: get the lighter-than-air device and the White stone.

Before entering the Dungeon Hythloth, make sure you have plenty of the following spells:

  • Light (cheaper than torches)
  • Dispell (to get past various energy fields)
  • Resurrect (to recover companions that touch the four Magic Orbs)
  • Wind (to drive the Lighter-Than-Air device)

Check the Magic page for details on the reagents.

Also purchase ten/twenty magic gems (you can use the "View" spell, but it's better to save nightshade and mandrake for other spells).

Suggested party:

  1. Obviously, the Stranger (equipped with the Sword of Paradise and a plain bow);
  2. Either Mariah or Jaana (Magic Wand wielders);
  3. Either Shamino or Iolo (to optimize armors: either Mariah & Shamino, or Jaana & Iolo)
  4. Either Julius or Dupre (Magic Axe wielders; actually, you might choose Julius until you purchase Dupre's Plate +1 armor)

Leave Katrina and Geoffrey at the hostel: the Magic Orbs in Dungeon Hythloth raise all three attributes, but these characters only use two (Strength/STR and Dexterity/INT).

L. Map of the floor Walkthrough
1a U4 NES d1 Hythloth L1.png Access the Dungeon from Castle Britannia. You will be unable to exit from there, and a vertical shaft will lead you down to the 8th level.
8 U4 NES d1 Hythloth L8.png U4 NES d1 Hythloth L8rooms.png
It would be useless to visit the Altar Rooms right now: you need at least four Stones. Explore the other rooms, instead, to earn gold and experience, then head to the stairs that connect to the larger section of Floor 7.
Step on the different wall tile (highlighted by the arrows in the image) to open the secret passage to the eastmost room.
7 U4 NES d1 Hythloth L7.png Use a "View" spell for orientation, then climb the stairs up.
6 U4 NES d1 Hythloth L6.png
U4 NES d1 Hythloth L6rooms.png
A long and winding passage, with a few mandatory rooms in the middle. The bug in the original port was solved drastically: one room was removed.
5 U4 NES d1 Hythloth L5.png
U4 NES d1 Hythloth L5rooms.png
This level is further subdivided in two parts. Climb the second upwards stairs for a short passage that leads back on floor 5, the area where two Magic Orbs can be found. Be careful: these orbs raise all three attributes, but they deal 800 HP of damage. You will have to cast some "Resurrection" spells.
4 U4 NES d1 Hythloth L4.png
U4 NES d1 Hythloth L4room2.png
U4 NES d1 Hythloth L4room1.png
This floor loops on itself, but there is just one ladder that leads upwards.
3 U4 NES d1 Hythloth L3.png
U4 NES d1 Hythloth L3rooms.png
On this floor, you can find the third Magic Orb. The fountain is poisonous, therefore avoid it. Finally, both upwards ladders lead to the same area.
2 U4 NES d1 Hythloth L2.png Nothing special to be done here: walk down the corridors and climb the stairs.
1b U4 NES d1 Hythloth L1.png Here you can find the fourth Magic Orb. Also, through a secret passage you can find the altar of the White Stone, that is unfortunately empty. Anyway, you are near the exit of the dungeon.

The lighter-than-air device[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Dungeon Hythloth#The lighter-than-air device
Map of Britannia centered on the White Stone location. Note that the shortest route there from Dungeon Hythloth is flying to the south-east.

Near the exit of Dungeon Hythloth lies the lighter-than-air device. Get on it, and it will move according to the direction of the wind. It is therefore necessary to cast "Wind Change" spells to go in the direction you want. Actually, the exit of Dungeon Hythloth is quite faraway from the mainland in any direction, therefore you should just keep flying in the same direction.

Once you manage to get near the Serpent's Spine mountains (between Britain and Yew), locate the position of the White Stone shrine, align the balloon with it, then land on the hills near the mountains. Why? Because the wind is quite tricky; you should make sure you are aligned with the Stone, then cast the "Wind" spell in the required direction, then jump onto the balloon.

When you are above the plateau, land and enter the nearby cave. In there, four humans and an Ankh give useful information about the Quest. More important, the Sranger can open two chests and get the White Stone and Exodus' Scale.

You saw how hard it is to fly with the balloon. Better leave it and rely on your feet from now on. Travel to Minoc and give Exodus' Scale to Zircon the smith. Come back later (e.g. after another dungeon exploration), and he will have turned it into a legendary axe for Geoffrey the fighter.