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Gathering information[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Dungeon Hythloth#Gathering information

The Codex[edit]

The final goal in the quest of the Avatar is told by an old woman in Moonglow (Inoo): the Stranger should find the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, that lies in the Great Stygian Abyss. A woman in Skara Brae (Dickens) confirms the part about the Abyss.

We know already (see The Strongholds of the Principles) that three items are necessary to enter said dungeon. Apart from that, a nixie in Serpent's Hold (Noxum) informs you that the Key of Three Parts (rendered as "three keys" in this remake) is also necessary to enter the Codex chamber, deep within the dungeon.

The Key of Three Parts[edit]

There was a dialogue thread in the original that involved three characters, and revealed where and how to obtain the Key of Three Parts. Apparently, time passed, and the shepherd in Vesper (Zajac from the Lycaeum) learned the secret of the woman in Empath Abbey (Water from Castle Britannia). A ranger in the Lycaeum (Tymus) confirms the information.

The "Three Parts of a Key" are found in three altar rooms at the bottom of the dungeons, and eight coloured stones are needed to obtain them.

The Ankh of Cove says that the stones open the way to the Codex. In fact, each altar (holding a key) corresponds to a principle, each stone corresponds to a virtue.

Altar rooms and eight stones[edit]

A woman in the oak grove in Empath Abbey (Diane, past the locked door) specifies which four stones should be used on the Altar Room of Love. Four characters in the same garden elaborate on the relationship between the principle of Love and four virtues that derive from it.

In each of the major towns there are one or more inhabitants that relate the city's virtue to its colored stone and the dungeon where it is hidden. More detail about this later (see Six Dungeons).

An injured man in Serpent's Hold (Lassorn) specifies which four stones should be used on the Altar Room of Truth.

The information about the Altar Room of Courage is more scattered. A fighter in Jhelom (Bengrod) says which dungeons are connected to this altar room. Extrapolating from the information learned in Empath Abbey, the stones found in the connecting dungeons should be used on this altar.

Notice that the White Stone of Spirituality is the only one that should be used in all three Altar Rooms, therefore it is natural to look for this stone first.

General strategy[edit]

Enter the dungeons from their mainland entrance, go through the Altar Room and emerge from a different dungeon with oversea entrance. From there, either backtrack or use the Gate spell.

Mainland dungeons:
  • Dungeon Despise
  • Dungeon Destard
  • Dungeon Wrong
  • Dungeon Hythloth
Waterfront dungeons:
  • Dungeon Deceit
  • Dungeon Shame
  • Dungeon Covetous

For example:

  1. Enter dungeon Destard, emerge from dungeon Shame (74 chests)
  2. Enter dungeon Wrong, emerge from dungeon Deceit (78 chests)
  3. Enter dungeon Despise, emerge from dungeon Covetous (55 chests)

In the following table, the four characters with the lowest of each attribute (at level 8) are highlighted in red. In order to make the most out of the magic balls, consider upgrading the weak.

Class Strength
Mage 22 29 43
Bard 30 35 32
Fighter 42 24 17
Druid 24 26 40
Tinker 33 42 24
Paladin 36 23 35
Ranger 36 25 34
Shepherd 24 42 23