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Name changes[edit]

The NES remake follows the old Dungeons & Dragons naming format for magic equipment ("+1"/"+2" instead of "magic").

Ranged weapons
Computers NES
Flaming oil Oil
Sling Sling
Bow Bow
Halberd -
Crossbow Crossbow
Magic bow Bow +1
Magic axe Axe +1
Magic wand Wand
Close-combat weapons
Computers NES
Staff Staff
Dagger -
Mace Club
Axe Axe
Sword Sword
- Sword +1
Magic sword Sword +2
- Axe of Legend +2
Mystic sword Sword of Paradise
Computers NES
Cloth Cloth
Leather armour Leather armour
- Ring
- Cloth +1
- Robe (shepherd's)
Chain armour Chain armour
Plate armour Plate armour
Magic chain Chain +1 armour
Magic plate Plate +1 armour
Mystic robe Exotic armour


Every character can equip up to three pieces of equipment: a ranged weapon, a melee weapon and an armor (respectively labeled as Bow, Sword and Armour in the menu). A character can carry up to 6 weapons and/or armors.

Characters in bold start the game with the corresponding piece of equipment.

"ATK" is the Attack Power value of the weapon. NES version values are used.

"Shops (1)" are in towns on the mainland, and can be accessed since the beginning of the game, while "Shops (2)" are on the islands and can only be accessed when pirates ships start appearing in the seas, i.e. when the characters reach Level 4.


See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Equipment#Ranged weapons

Ranged weapons give the strategic advantage of hitting the enemy before it can reach you. If all the party is equipped with bows, the battle will be often won before the enemies can land even one blow on the heroes.

The Axe+1 and the Wand are actually melee weapons that can double as ranged weapons if no bow is equipped.

Bow ATK Price Shops Ma Dr Pa Ti Ba Ra Fi Sh
Sling 8 90 Britain Y Y Y Y Start Y Y Y
Bow 20 680 Trinsic, Vesper, Jhelom - Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Crossbow 28 1400 Vesper, Buccaneer's Den - Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Bow +1 36 4000 Buccaneer's Den - Y Y - Y Y - -
Axe +1 40 3500 Minoc - - Y Y - - - -
Wand 48 6500 Buccaneer's Den Y Y - - - - - -

Differences from the original version:

  • The flaming oil is now considered an item, instead of a weapon; during combat, it has to be selected from the "item" menu.
  • The Bard cannot use the magic wand anymore.
  • The Tinker cannot use the magic bow anymore.


See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Equipment#Close-combat weapons

If the enemies manage to get close the heroes, the melee weapons actually deal more damage and will finish them off quite quickly.

The Axe+2 can be obtained only by giving the scale to the smith in Minoc. For the scale, see the page about Side quests.

The Sword of Paradise can only be obtained by the Stranger once he/she reaches Avatarhood.

Sword ATK Price Shops Ma Dr Pa Ti Ba Ra Fi Sh
Staff 12 20 Britain, Jhelom Start Start Y Y Y Y Y Start
Club 20 100 Trinsic, Minoc Y Y Y Start Y Y Y Y
Axe 28 225 Trinsic, Minoc, Jhelom - - Y Y Y Y Start -
Sword 36 400 Britain, Vesper, Jhelom - - Start Y Y Start Y -
Sword+1 48 820 Trinsic, Buccaneer's Den - - Y Y - - Y -
Sword+2 56 1500 Minoc - - Y Y Y Y - -
Axe+1 40 3500 Minoc - - Y Y - - - -
Wand 48 6500 Buccaneer's Den Y Y - - - - - -
Axe+2 60 Scale Minoc - - - - - - Y -
Paradise Swd. 80 Avatar Lycaeum Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y


See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Equipment#Armours

DEF values are the Defense Power of the armours. The damage percentage cut is equal to the DEF value divided by 256. (IE the Exotic Armor cuts slightly less than half damage, and the Plate cuts 25%.)

The Exotic Armour can only be obtained by the hero once he/she reaches Avatarhood.

Three armors were introduced in the remake: the Ring of Protection, the Magic Cloth, and the Shepherd's Robe. They can be worn by the classes who were originally limited to cloth and leather armor. The Robe can be obtained for free, but the player must cross a poison swamp and then open a door using the magic key.

Armor DEF Price Shops Ma Dr Pa Ti Ba Ra Fi Sh
Cloth 6 50 Britain Start Start Y Y Start Y Y Start
Leather 13 200 Britain, Trinsic, Jhelom - Y Y Start Y Start Start -
Ring 32 800 Trinsic, Paws - Y Y - - Y - -
Cloth +1 51 1200 Paws Y - - - Y - - -
Robe 51 Cure+Key Magincia ruins - - - - - - - Y
Chain 19 600 Britain, Trinsic, Jhelom - - Start Y - - Y -
Plate 64 2500 Jhelom - - Y Y - - Y -
Chain +1 77 4000 Paws, Buccaneer's Den - - Y Y - - - -
Plate +1 96 7000 Buccaneer's Den - - Y - - - - -
Exotic Arm. 127 Avatar Empath Abbey Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Combat strategies[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Equipment#Combat strategies

Ranged weapons offer tactical advantage over enemies capable of melee attacks only, and also they remove the same disadvantage against long-ranged enemies. As Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone could say: "When the man with the bow meets the man with the sword, the man with the sword is a dead man".

On the other hand, if the enemies manage to get close to the companions, they will use melee weapons, that deal more damage.

Support and disabling spells can be useful against the most powerful enemies. Direct attack spells, instead, can be avoided, being less reliable than long-ranged weapons and expensive on the long run.