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Unlike most RPGs, the purpose is not to level up to defeat a powerful opponent. Instead, Ultima IV instead requires the player to follow the eight Virtues of Goodness.


By visiting the shrines of the eight virtues, the player can learn the rules of the game in order to win.

General things to do:

  • Meditation leads to enlightenment Seek ye all Wisdom and Knowledge! (Spirituality)
  • Seek ye to know thyself. Visit the seer often for he can see into thy inner being! (Spirituality)
  • Seek ye to solve the many Quests before thee, and honor shall be a reward! (Honor)

Combat rules:

  • Victories scored over evil creatures help to build a valorous soul! (Valor)
  • To flee from battle with less than grievous wounds often shows a coward! (Valor)
  • For thee to flee and leave thy companions is a self-serving action to be avoided! (Sacrifice)

Townsfolk and guards (this is a big departure from the previous three Ultima games):

  • To strike first a non-evil being is by no means an honorable deed! (Honor)
  • Kill not a non-evil beast for they deserve not death, even if in hunger they attack thee! (Justice)
  • Kill not the non-evil beasts of the land, and do not attack the fair people! (Compassion)
  • Attack not a peaceful citizen for that action deserves strict punishment! (Justice)

About chests in towns:

  • Take not the gold of others found in towns and castles for yours it is not! (Honesty)
  • To take the gold of others is injustice not soon forgotten. Take only thy due! (Justice)
  • Take not the gold of others for this shall bring dishonor upon thee! (Honor)

About beggars, blind people and hospitals:

  • Cheat not the merchants and peddlers for tis an evil thing to do! (Honesty)
  • Give of thy purse to those who beg and thy deed shall not be forgotten! (Compassion)
  • To give thy last gold piece unto the needy shows good measure of self-sacrifice! (Sacrifice)
  • To give of thy life's blood so that others may live is a virtue of great praise! (Sacrifice)

Other things to avoid:

  • Claim not to be that which thou art not. Humble actions speak well of thee! (Humility)
  • Strive not to wield the Great Force of Evil for its power will overcome thee! (Humility)