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Control Action
A Attack
B Board transport (horse, boat, etc.)
C Cast spell
E Enter town or location
F Fire cannon (on frigate)
G Get
H Hole up and camp (on land) or Hull repair (on frigate)
I Ignite torch
J Jimmy lock (use a key)
K Climb up/down stairs
L Look
M Mix reagents for a spell
N New order of party members
O Open door or chest
P Push (or pull)
Q Quit and save
R Get equipment ready
S Search
T Talk
U Use item
V View a magical mapping gem
X Exit transport (horse, boat, etc.)
Y Yell (word or sentence)
Z See menu
Space Pass
1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 Set active player
0 Return active player to party
Crtl + K Karma
Crtl + E Exit video game.
Crtl + B Buffer on/off
Crtl + M Turn around
Crtl + S Sound on/off
Crtl + V Version

"D" and "W" are not used.

Atari ST[edit]

Most commands from the MS-DOS port also work in the Atari ST port.

Control Action
F5 Switch between music and sound effects.
Necessary to play harpsicords.

Missing commands:

  • Crtl + K : no explicit karma; you have to check prices in shops;
    • Hint: when you can sell a dagger for 2 GC, your karma is probably at its maximum.
  • Crtl + B : no buffer option
  • Crtl + E : no exit shortcut
  • Crtl + M : no quick turn-around
  • Crtl + S : use F5 instead
  • Crtl + V : no version information