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Runic alphabet[edit]

The runic alphabet in the Ultima series is based on the Elder Futhark runes, used by Germanic and Scandinavian peoples at the time of the Roman Empire.

Runic signs[edit]

There are several signs around the world of Britannia written in runic alphabet.

  • The signs on the overworld surface state the name of some locations, or give directions to nearby towns (e.g. "Deep Forest", "North to Britain, south to Trinsic")
  • The signs in the dungeons are a sort of alternate name of the dungeons themselves; they are all translitterated on the dungeon maps, in the respective guide pages.
  • The runes in the graveyards state the names of game testers and other staff members with funny epigraphs. All those real life people are alive and well!

Graveyard epigraphs[edit]

Graveyard in Yew:

  • "May all who enter have forgiveness"
  • "Here lies Jack,// Who was stretched on the rack"
  • "Underneath is Leif,// Who turned out to be a thief"
  • "Here lies Headwood,// No better than dead wood"
  • "John was satanical,// He died on the manacles"
  • "Here lies Yellowberg,// Cold as an iceberg"
  • "Here lies Pat,// Got eaten by a rat"
  • "Alas poor Fred,// He lost his head"
  • "Here lies the lower half of Blackthorn's old jester"
  • "Here lies the upper half of Blackthorn's old jester"

Graveyard in West Britanny:

  • "Grave robbers will be prosecuted"
  • "Strong and daring was young Laurel// Tried the falls in a barrel."
  • "Tried to fly did poor young Tim// Fatal choice for a whim. "
  • "Lost a fight did old Kirk// With the wrong side of a dirk."
  • "Here we sadly buried Ian// What a bad boy he was bein'."
  • "Here lies poor Colin// Off a cliff he had fallen."
  • "Andre lies under earth's umbrella// Alas he died of salmonella."
  • "In the pub was last seen Dale// The food he ate was more than stale."
  • "Loved the women dashing Kurt// With the wrong one did he flirt."
  • "Work harder said Miss Jean// Never again was she seen."
  • "Far too frugal was Sir Robert// His employees lynched him to ease their povery."

Graves near Sutek's hut:

  • "Here lies poor Richard buried alive// trying to finish Ultima Five."
  • "Here lies Lebling in his coffin// kicked the dragon once too often."
  • "He's no longer alive// he tried to drink and drive.// This has been a public service tombstone."

The first two graves on Sutek's island refer to Richard Garriott, author of the Ultima series, and Dave Lebling, lead programmer.