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Sandy said: "Third, I know of a pirate at Empath Abbey, or thereabouts. Nathaniel Moorehead was his name."

Back to Empath Abbey[edit | edit source]

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There are no pirates at all in the Stronghold of Love. Instead, on the western outskirts of the village, you can meet Sylaina, the widow of the man you are looking for. She will say that some gypsies stole her locket with the piece of the map.

The gypsy thieves[edit | edit source]

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As you know already, there are two bands of gypsies in Britannia. In particular, a group of gypsy thieves lives just north from Trinsic. Ask them about the map, and you will learn that their leader holds it. Arturos asks initially 100 Gold Coins for it: refuse! He will eventually sell you the map part for half that price, i.e. 50 Gold Coins.