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Buccaneer's Den[edit | edit source]

As Zoltan the Gypsy told you, Buccaneer's Den is an island due east from Paws.

Name Quest/function Location
Homer Hawkins' pirate and thief guildmember Tavern
Budo Merchant: guild; Thieves Guildmaster Secret door in tavern
Enrik Merchant: armory Armory shop
Petroph Merchant: innkeeper Tavern
Shawn Merchant: food Tavern
Fentrissa Merchant: shipwrights Shipwright shop
Leodon Companion Tavern
Leonna Companion Tavern
Later quests
Elad Capt. Johne Tavern
Capt. Fox Capt. Johne Tavern
Johann Hot-air balloon Tavern

Inhabitants of Buccaneer's Den


In case your ship sank on the way here, you can buy another one from Fentrissa. Otherwise, you will have to get through the Buccaneer's Cave to reach Britain; still, you will need a skiff, that can be purchased... from Fentrissa.

Leona is a bard character like Iolo and Gwenno. She can use magic, but her attributes are lower than those of the other two bards. Leonna has the same sprite as Julia and Jaana, but she has the lowest attributes amongst all the playable characters in Ultima 6.

Talk to all the people in the village, and ask about Captain Hawkins and the 'Empire' ship. Eventually, you will discover that Homer is the man you are looking for.

Contacting the Guild of Thieves[edit | edit source]

  • Homer the Buccaneer

"I once sailed on the ship called 'Empire', under Captain Hawkins."

He regards you warily. "Who sent you? I see." He screws his face up into an even more suspicious expression than before. "Just why do you want to know about it, anyway? You're not a member of the guild. I don't have to tell you anything."

"Go ask Budo. And you didn't hear that from me, understand?"

  • Budo the Guildmaster

Suddenly the good-natured bumbler that stood before you has been transformed into a shrewd, sharp, dangerous looking man. He leans forward staring straight into your eyes as he asks "Who sent you? Uh-huh. Well... Were you hoping to join?"

"All right, maybe you've got what it takes. We'll see. To be a member of the thieves' guild, you have to get your own belt. Now we have a limited membership, so there's only so many belts in the world. If you want one of them, you have to 'retire' a member of the guild. Lucky for you, it just happens there's a member we'd like to see 'retired' soon. Her hideout is deep below Britain, in the sewers. You'd best watch out for the rats down there! One last thing... It would be an embarrassment for the guild to have bodies turning up inconveniently. So don't get too violent unless you have to. I'll talk to you when you get back."

Britain Sewers and Buccaneers Cave[edit | edit source]

Map of Britain sewers (left) and Buccaneer's cave (right).
Click to enlarge.

Going down in the sewers[edit | edit source]

You can access the sewers of Britain from any of the four corners of Lord British's castle. You need the key "A" he gave you at the beginning of the game. Otherwise, there is an entrance to the sewers from a secret door in the Britain inn.

Most of the enemies in the sewers are giant rats: they are rather weak, but they can poison the Companions.

  • Floor 1

There are three ladders that lead to the next level. Hug a wall and follow it until you find your way down. You may meet a man, Daros, on this level, but he is not the Thieves Guildmember you are looking for. Apparently, the rubber ducky Daros gives you has no use (?).

  • Floor 2

This level is rather labyrinthine. There are several small underground rivers, most with a bridge or walkway, and a few without (impassible without a skiff) but all areas of this level are reachable without a skiff, though you may need to backtrack. In the south central area there is a camp of cyclops and headless, but they are weak enemies who pose little threat. The ladder down is more or less in the center of the level, guarded by a pack of giant rats.

  • Floor 3

This large cavern is dominated by a large central lake. Entering from the sewers beneath Britain, you will be in the northwest corner. Proceeding around it counterclockwise, are the following areas: to the west is a lair of trolls; north along the east wall is a corridor into an alcove with a ladder up to a small cavern ("2-B"); finally, to the north is a narrow passage leading to the hideout of Phoenix the Thief.

  • Floor 2-B

In this cavern is a dead body you can loot for many possessions.

Phoenix's hideout[edit | edit source]

SNES differences
Since the "pickpocket" spell was omitted, Phoenix spontaneously gives you her guild membership belt.

This smart thief protected her hideout well: there is a visible poison field; before it, she concealed a bear trap; she also put a trap on her door. Use a purple potion on a character and send him solo to face the traps. Cast "dispel field" on the poison field. On the north side of the house there are three chests, and they are all trapped: you can cast "untrap" on them.

Phoenix will obviously refuse to give up her Guild Belt, and she challenges your wits. You actually need to cast the "Pickpocket" spell. Rudyom of Cove teaches it. Be careful: each use of the spell drops your karma! All you need is the guild belt, the rest of Phoenix's equipment can be obtained elsewhere without karma losses.

Coming up from Buccaneer's Cave[edit | edit source]

Phoenix reveals that the sewers are connected to Buccaneer's Den. If you follow the underground lake coast, you can find a pier and a skiff. Get onboard and row to the south-east, and you will reach a small islet with a ladder down: welcome to the Buccaneer's Cave!

  • Floor 4

A rather uninteresting floor. The exit is to the south-west.

  • Floor 3

The largest area in the Buccaneer's Cave. You emerge in the north-west corner. The shortest way to get to the next ladder is to follow the wall clockwise. In the south-west part there is a spider nest, where you can loot many items. Beware of the white arcs of dragon bones: they mark the entrance of a lair inhabited by powerful dragons and demons. Make sure you save your game before accepting the challenge

  • Floor 2

A smaller and linear floor, where you can find some more loot.

  • Floor 1

You can emerge from here to the island of Buccaneer's Den. It is not over yet: explore the remaining two areas.

  • Floor 2-B

In the middle of this area a magically locked chest can be found.

  • Floor 2-C

A long series of corridors will lead to a few rare potions.

Item summary[edit | edit source]

Britain sewers item list
Rare items Useful items Weapons & armors Useless items
Floor 1 Cauldron - - Rubber ducky, (many more)
Floor 2 - - - -
Floor 3 Invisibility ring, lightning wand, fire wand 30 gold nuggets, 32 gold coins, 12 gems 20 flasks of oil -
Floor 2-B Protection ring, blue potion Shovel, 5 lockpicks Bow, 24 arrows -
Buccaneer's Cave item list
Rare items Useful items Weapons & armors Useless items
Floor 4 - - - -
Floor 3 Lightning wand 5 gold nuggets, 3 torches, 12 gold coins, 1 gem Swamp boots, 5 flasks of oil, magic armor, club, chain mail Ring (yellow)
Floor 2 Protection ring 3 food - -
Floor 1 - - - -
Floor 2-B - Glass sword Magic bow -
Floor 2-C 2 green potions, white potion, purple potion - - -

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

BUDO SAYS: "Congratulations, and welcome to the guild. I can offer you the standard member's discount on all supplies now. Just remember, whatever you do, don't tell anyone about our guild!"

HOMER SAYS: "After Captain Hawkins passed away, we tore his treasure map into nine pieces. The plan was, when nobody was looking for us any more, we would get together and go dig it up. Splitting up the map was my idea: that way nobody could doublecross the others. I figure after all these years the others must have given up, so it is alright for me to search for the treasure by myself. Trouble is, I have got a bit of the gout in one leg, and I cannot travel much any more. Maybe we can help each other out."

"I know where my piece of the map is hidden, and if you bring me the other eight pieces, perhaps we could make a deal. I will tell you all I know about where the pieces might be:"

  1. "Old Hawknose set out for the Dry Land, to kill the daemon that is said to live there."
  2. "Old Ybarra said he was headed for the dungeon Shame, looking for more treasure."
  3. "I think one of the men died in a shipwreck."
  4. "Then there was one more... Cannot remember his name, but I have heard tell he settled in Jhelom. He will be easy to recognize: he has a hook in place of one of his hands."
  5. "Sandy, the ship's cook, went to Trinsic with the first mate."

You can actually get the map pieces in any order. In this guide, an order that respects plot and minimizes travel will be followed. Your first task now is to get back to the mainland: you can either navigate the caves again (and earn more experience), or buy a ship from Fentrissa (and spend some gold coins), or use the Moon Orb (also known by the nickname "Orb of Cheating").