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Moonglow[edit | edit source]

The town of Moonglow, like New Magincia, is located on an island. Therefore, you need a frigate to get there. The cheapest frigates are found in Jhelom. On a travel from Jhelom to Moonglow, New Magincia is along the route. Therefore, this page will start from the end of the previous, at the Isle of the Avatar.

After leaving the Shrine of Humility and getting back to your ship, sail north along the coast of the Isle of the Avatar. When you reach the island cape, continue straight north. You will eventually reach an islet that is just south of Moonglow. Sail to the north-east of the islet, and you will get to the pier in Moonglow.

The town of Moonglow, on the south part of Verity Isle.
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Name Quest/function Location
Aganar Rune-1, Mantra-1 Streets
Penumbra Rune-2, Mantra-2 North building
Manrel Rune-3 Tavern, south-east house
Rob Frasier Merchant: food Tavern
Derydlus - Tavern

The inhabitants of Moonglow

Moonglow is the less populated of the eight towns: it counts just five inhabitants.

There are no inns in Moonglow, nor anywhere else on Verity Isle. Your party can camp and Rest on the east coast, just north-east of Moonglow. Still, there is a high chance of being attacked at night.

The mantra and the rune[edit | edit source]

Ask the Lord Mayor, Aganar, about the mantra and the rune. He will relay you to Penumbra, but you need the "Dispel Field" spell in order to enter her house. You can purchase this spell of the 3rd Circle from Xiao, on the north-west cape of Verity Isle (see #The Lycaeum below). Back to Moonglow, Penumbra asks 5 Gold Coins for telling you mantra. About the rune, she says it was buried in the catacombs with its holder, Beyvin.

See #The catacombs section below about the dungeon and the rune within. Ask Manrel about Beyvin, and he will give you the key to the crypt.

The Lycaeum[edit | edit source]

The Lycaeum, on the north part of Verity Isle.
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Name Quest/function Location
Thariand - Lycaeum library
Ephemerides Merchant: sextant, Mariah's quest North-east house
Xiao Merchant: magic North-west house
Dargoth Merchant: healer Center house
Quests started later
Mariah Nystul's quest, Mariah's quest Lycaeum library

The scholars of the Lycaeum

You must buy a sextant from Ephemerides: it is of great usefulness in sea travels. If you know the coordinates of towns and islands, you can adjust your route easily. You also must buy the "Dispel Field" spell from Xiao: it is necessary on many quest, including this one about the Shrine of Honesty; on the other hand, avoid purchasing reagents from her: her prices are th most expensive in Britannia.

Unlike the Lord Mayors of the eight virtuous towns, Thariand says nothing relevant for the game. Dargoth the healer offers his services only if you pay him, regardless of your karma level.

The catacombs[edit | edit source]

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The Moonglow catacombs are the first mandatory dungeon in Ultima 6.

It is just appropriate that in order to access them the player has to solve an intelligence puzzle: the Shrine of Honesty will grant an upgrade to the characters' intelligence (an magic points, if applicable).

Before you enter the catacombs, make sure you have the "Magic Unlock" spell (and sufficient reagents), half a dozen lockpicks (and a companion with very high dexterity) and some powder kegs.

The entrance to the catacombs is hidden in Moonglow. There is a locked door in the Blue Bottle tavern: use a lockpick to open it. Inside, some items block your way to a secret door. There is actually a way to move them around without losing Karma from stealing. (1) Use a character in solo mode; (2) move the bucket and the can of milk down, under the meat; (3) look at the secret door and open it; (4) position your character left from the passage, and move the central barrel all the way south; (5) open the left barrel and move the two plants inside it. Now the way is free to get to the catacombs entrance.

On floor 1, move south and continue counterclockwise until you reach the stairs down; look at each one of the remains and collect a long list of items (see below). On floor 2, keep collecting items from the remains, but avoid opening any door: there is nothing inside. One room is an exception, though: Beyvin's cript; the card outside says the flowers are from cousin Manrel: go back to the surface and talk to him, he will be glad to give you the key to the crypt, with which you can get the Rune of Honesty. Continue down to floor 3, loot the remains, then cast "Unlock Magic" on the door. On floor 4, use the lockpicks to unlock the west door first, because it contains the most precious treasure. After you defeat the monsters in the room, use the lockpicks to open the chest, or take the whole chest; afterwards, explore the remaining three rooms.

Moonglow catacombs item list
Rare items Useful items Weapons & armors Useless items
Floor 1 Shovel[1], fire wand, glass sword 8 gold nuggets, 2 garlic bulbs, torch, 36 gold coins, 1 nightshade fungus, 1 sulphurous ash Dagger, club, two-handed sword, flask of oil, swamp boots, 2 spears, heater shield, wooden shield, mace, chain coif, main gauche Leather boots, butter, ring (yellow)
Floor 2 Ring of invisibility, ring of protection, Rune of Honesty 2 gold nuggets, 2 gold coins, torch, gem Flask of oil Bucket
Floor 3 Ring of invisibility - - Mug, horseshoes
Floor 4 Ring of invisibility, fire wand, ring of regeneration, ring of protection 314 gold coins, bread, 3 torches - Plate, mug, 2 knives
  1. You can bring the shovel to Mole in Empath Abbey.

The shrine[edit | edit source]

Map of Dagger Isle. To the south is Verity Isle.
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The Shrine of Honesty is on Dagger Isle, due north from Verity Isle. Sail from Moonglow around the east coast of Verity Isle. Use the map to the right to find your route. Land due south of the Shrine: you should better fight the gargoyles on foot, rather than take the risk of losing your ship.

After you defeated the gargoyles, use the Rune and the Mantra to release the Shrine, then meditate. The Shrine of Honesty raises Intelligence +3. Intelligence is directly related to Magic Points; it also rules the hit rate of magic wands and it provides some defense from some enemy spells.

From this Shrine, the Avatar would therefore gain MP +6; the ranger (Shamino) and the bards (Iolo, Gwenno, Leodon) would gain MP +1.5; any other character would gain no MP. Therefore, only the Avatar (and maybe one more magic user) should meditate at this Shrine; any other character should rather focus on improving Dexterity and Strength.