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Entering the Gargoyle community[edit | edit source]

1. Beh Lem
As soon as you exit from Dungeon Hythloth, wait for noon. When Beh Lem arrives, talk to him and let him join your Companions (you will probably have to ask someone to leave; keep Sherry, Blaine and Julia, if they are in your party). Beh Lem starts at level 2; if leveled up, he can become the strongest companion.
Follow Beh Lem's directions to reach Valkadesh's home: if you stray from the path, the gargoyles may attack you.
2. Valkadesh the Scholar
After John and Beh Lem, Valkadesh gives you further information about the gargoyles and the prophecy. He tells you to ask for further knowledge to Naxatilor, but first you must surrender to Lord Draxinusom.
3. Lord Draxinusom the Inquisitor
Follow the path backwards to the Hall of Knowledge. For the sake of security, walk behind it (south), then you can reach Lord Draxinusom's house to its northwest. Surrender to Lord Draxinusom and wear the Amulet of Submission: now you can freely walk amongst the gargoyles.

The gargoyle city of Investigation[edit | edit source]

For a full map of the city of Investigation, click here.

Inhabitants if Investigation
Related to quests

Other inhabitants

The Healer will restore health to any character for free. He may make mistakes: just insist, and he will eventually heal your party properly.

After talking to the Goodscrafter or the Weaponsmith, you can take any item in their shop for free. The Weaponsmith also talks about the Snakecharmer, who lives far away in the south-west. If you blow the silver horn, several silver serpents will appear: they are powerful opponents, but they are a good source of experience points.

Talk to the Foodmaker, and he will give you some nutritious horse meat. It sounds weird, but apparently the Avatar and the Companions never ate horse meat before. The reason is unexplained: this is possibly an open thread in Ultima 6.

The Healer, the Foodmaker and the Weaponsmith all blame the Goodscrafer's negative attitude. Farmer Krill criticizes Farmer Nash.

Finally, several mute, wingless gargoyles walk the streets of Investigation.

The tomb of kings[edit | edit source]

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This is an optional dungeon. No character says anything about it.

This dungeon is a great place to let Beh Lem gain experience quickly. Each silver serpent defeated is worth 91 experience points.

The tomb of kings can be subdivided into four quadrants, each one with four crypts and one lever rooms. Cast "Magic Unlock" and enter the lever rooms, defeat the silver serpent there, then activate the levers to open four portcullises. One of the sixteen portcullises will not open: Sherry the mouse can enter there (and get a single black pearl and another boomerang. The tomb at the north end is blocked by an electrical field; there are six switches in the eastmost and westmost tombs: you need to operate just one to deactivate the electric field.

Rare items Useful items Weapons and armor Useless items
Tomb of Kings 3 silver snake venoms, boomerang, 2 yellow potions, 2 red potions, 2 blue potions Glass jar, food (horse meat), 6 gold nuggets, 262 gold coins, 1 gem, 1 black pearl - Mead, ring (yellow), hammer

The two lenses[edit | edit source]

4. Naxatilor the Seer
Walk straight east from Lord Draxinusom's house. You will learn more from this wise gargoyle. Ask him about sacrifice. He will eventually relay you to the Hall of Knowledge, where you should read the Book of Rituals and take the broken Vortex Lens.
5. The Caretaker
The Caretaker will explain how the Hall of Knowledge is structured. Cast the "Dispel Field" spell to enter the three chambers. As you were told by Naxatilor, read the Book of Rituals and get the broken lens; if you read the other books, you can get deeper understanding of the Gargish society. The Caretaker will also tell you that the Vortex Cube was stolen and brought to Stonegate in Britannia.
6. The Lensmaker
After you bring the broken lens to Naxatilor, he will relay you to the Lensmaker. Follow the path from the Seer's house to the northeast. Talk to the Lensmaker, and he will quickly fix your need. Back to Naxatilor, he will send you back to Britannia to manufacture a human lens.
Ephemerides the astronomer
Navigate Dungeon Hythloth all the way back to the human world. Naxatilor asked you to bring a concave human lens. Ephemerides is a scholar in the Lycaeum who makes lenses and sextans. He will ask a glass sword in return for his services.
Dale the glassblower
If you have used up all the glass sword you found so far, where can you get more? Ask Ephemerides: he has the answer. You can buy any number of glass swords from Dale in Minoc, but you have to pay him with 5 magic gems instead of gold coins. Nevertheless, you can buy gems in the guild shops: one is in Britain, the second one in Buccaneer's Den.

It is not time to get back to the Gargoyle city yet. Many gargoyles hinted at the Temple of Singularity, that can only be reached by flying.