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  • Companions: Shamino, Sentri
  • Items: Spellbook, Orb of the Moons, Stones of the Virtues, Pocketwatch

First of all head to the Blue Boar and get Shamino on your party (hold off on doing this if you want to see a funny tryst involving him and his latest girl, see below). Be sure to ask for your pocketwatch as this allows you to find the exact time of day without hunting for a sundial--very useful for some parts of the game. Now head north from here and into the museum. Head into the right-hand room and grab the Stones and Swamp Boots. Your companions won't complain about you stealing as these items were yours in the first place.

Now head off and hunt for Sentri. He's a good fighter, and the more people you can have to help carry equipment the better. Better yet he offers FREE training, with no limit to the number of sessions he'll give. You'll find a key in his bedroom that will provide access to his armoury.

Next head north to Lord British's castle. Talk about absolutely every topic he offers and you will get his Orb of the Moons as well as information on where your gear from the aftermath of Ultima VI is stashed. He'll also mention a murder in Britain that sounds suspiciously similar to the one in Trinsic. If you have The Forge of Virtue installed he'll also give you a ship with which to investigate the Isle of Fire, which has made a suspicious return from the depths of the sea.

Anyway, head to his room (the one with all the hunting trophies) and grab the key there. Now head north-east into the throne room and hunt for a lever in the room to the right. Throw it and head to the right to the kitchen. Lift the barrel and throw the switch, this opens a seemingly inaccessible room in the tower directly above you. Now find your way to a stairwell and go up.

The north-western tower contains your gear. Be sure to take the spellbook and reagents (you need both for later) as well as the rest of the stuff. The north-eastern tower holds some Plate Armour and a Heater shield.

Back downstairs, pocket the Powder Keg from the bottom-left room, being careful NOT to double-click it (it will blow up). This will be used shortly to get an extremely powerful weapon.

Now head to Fellowship Hall and interrogate Batlin about everything (he tells you that Elizabeth and Abraham have headed to Minoc), and will also ask you if you wish to join The Fellowship. Agree, and he'll give you a package to deliver to prove your trustworthiness.

NOTE: there is a special exploit you may be able to do here. See below for more.

You can open the package if you wish. Elynor will be a little miffed but you'll still get your reward and entry into The Fellowship. If you want you can save with it unopened just before telling her and try out the two responses. Saving and loading can also allow you to find out what's in it without getting the "bad" response.

Before you leave, grab the blue key and Yellow Potion from the right-hand room and open the chest in the left-hand room. You'll find an interesting note and 48 gold, so take it if you want. Also be sure to rob the poor box for another decent sum.


Free Weston[edit]

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There are many things to do in Britain. The first and foremost, if you're a dishonest Avatar, is to steal anything you can lay your hands on. See Theft below for all the many things you can steal.

Magic Carpet[edit]

The Magic Carpet is the best transport in the game, as it can hover over both mountains and sea. Only very tall buildings can bar its way. Take the western road out of Britain and head north along the mountains at a vaguely north-western angle. Eventually you'll come to a river. Keep to the near bank of it and head south-east to 8N 30W where you'll find the Carpet. Unlike the other transports in the game this one has no ownership documents. Also take note (as the others point out to you) of the entrance to Dungeon Despise, there's much to do in there later on.

The Strength Test[edit]

Take the strength test to the west of the castle. It's free, and if your strength attribute is high enough (some training will help here) you'll win a toy dragon. The other toy in the "set", a Treasure Troll, is only found on one of the Avatar actors (with the Interactions mod it can also be crafted by the player).

The Game[edit]

Talk to Chuckles in the castle courtyard to play The Game. The rules are simple, just use words of only one syllable. The scroll Chuckles rewards you with will give you some advice you should definitely take when the time comes.


Besides killing and thieving there are a few legitimate ways to make money.


Visit the baker and talk to him for a bit. Eventually the option to work for him will come up, so agree to this. He'll give you five gold for every five loaves, so get baking!

  1. Double-click on a bag of flour and then click on a clear space on a tabletop.
  2. Double-click on the bucket of water (in the SW corner) and then click on the flour (Interactions mod only)
  3. Pick up the ball of dough and place it in the oven.
  4. Pocket the finished loaf.
  5. Once you have five, talk to him to claim your payment.

NOTE: the mantlepiece above the hearth is also a baking surface! Every flat spot on there except for the far left corner can produce bread. You'll know it's working when your companions say their standard overcooking lines. This means that the bakery can actually produce six loaves at a time. This helps a lot when the baker's own baking takes up all the room and delays your own being put in to cook.

Note that any bread you bake yourself is yours and can be pocketed or eaten straight from the oven without penalty. Also note that if you make a quantity of loaves that isn't divisible by five you won't get full price for the additional ones. Also note that if you help the baker by putting his dough in the oven that bread will actually count as yours, thus allowing faster income.


  1. Kill sheep to get mutton (or buy it from Morfin in Paws for 3 gold).
  2. Sell it to Lord British's cooks for 5 gold.


  1. Double-click on a bale of Wool and then click on the Spinning Wheel to make Thread
  2. Double-click on the thread and then click on the Loom to make Cloth
  3. Double-click on Shears and then click on some Cloth or Clothes to make Bandages
  4. Double-click on Bandages and click on a party member to partially heal them

Note that the colour of the thread is random, but the cloth and clothes made from it seem to maintain that same colour.

Interactions mod:

  1. Double-click on Shears then click on a Sheep to shear it (Interactions mod only)
  2. Double-click on the thread and then click on some Cloth to make clothing or toys (Interactions mod only)

Pumpkin Farmer[edit]

  1. Collect pumpkins
  2. sell to the Farmer himself, usually found at the southern end of the field

Chicken Farmer[edit]

  1. Collect eggs
  2. sell to Mack