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Buccaneer's Den[edit]

  • Population: 13

Main quest[edit]

Danag will give you lots of information about Elizabeth & Abraham, Hook, and even the Black Gate. He can be met in the Fellowship hall, at the west end of the village. Budo IV tells you about Hook's ship Crown Jewel. The provisioner can be found in his shop, in the south-east.

Mister Gordy will reveal Hook's hideout. He authorizes to ask the hideout key to his bouncer Sintag. They can be found at the gambling house, in the south-east.

Glenno is the pimp who manages the Baths. You can enter either by paying a fee of 300 gold coins, or from a secret passage in the #Buccaneer's Cave. Inside, you can choose one of three prostitutes: Martina, Roberto, or Wench. They all give you the same information, but the former two will steal some of your money.

Side quests[edit]

Blacktooth and Mole are two friends who parted ways when one of them joined the Fellowship. Talk to both and reconciliate them. You will earn 20 experience points and you can repeat it.


  • Provisioner: Budo IV; in the south-east of the village.
  • Tavernkeeper: Mandy, in the north-east of the village; you can get food and a room; she has some extra information about every villager you met.
  • Trainer: Lucky, in the east of the village; he trains intelligence.
  • Croupier: Smithy, at the house of games; he explains the rules of the three gambling tables.

Buccaneer's Cave[edit]

The main reason to enter this cave is to find the key to open the gates to Dungeon Hythloth.

  • Hook's hideout. Unlock the chest and read the scrolls, but take the key as well. Another key can be found in the drawers. A juggernaut hammer can be found in a backpack. There are three secret passages, to the east, to the south, and to the west.
  • East tunnel. Use the small pink key to open the chest at the end.
  • South tunnel. There are traps that protect the chests, but they are hardly worth it.
  • West tunnels. This cave makes the tour around the west of Buccaneer's Den, and itconnects to the other Fellowship buildings. You can find the lever that opens the passage to the Fellowship hall and, at the north end, the torture chamber.
  • Torture chamber. Here you can meet three characters: Grod the troll jailer; Sullivan, the Avatar imposter; and Anton, Alagner's apprentice. The two humans hold interesting information. You heard of the fake Avatar already in many towns; If you kill Grod, you can take the cell keys from his body and release the prisoners. To the south of the torture chamber is a free entrance to the Baths, to the east another tunnel.
  • North-east tunnel. A teleport trap will send you to a room with a red dragon; there, another teleport trap will send you back to the previous passage. Follow the tunnels to the east, and you will eventually find a room full of loot. A few more items are beyond a fake wall to the north.
  • Baths backroom. This room is located south of the torture chamber. A lever is half-hidden behind some crates. You can access the baths from here without paying the fee.


  • Hook's hideout: scrolls, Hythloth key, pink key, juggernaut hammer, (plus some almost useless items).
  • East tunnel: magic body armor, magic shield, gold nugget, lockpick.
  • South tunnel: 45 gold coins, 3 gems, poison dagger, great dagger.
  • Fellowship hall backroom: nothing useful.
  • North-east tunnel: magic helm, spiked shield, firedoom staff. 2 green poison potions, 2 red cure potions, 2 blue sleep potions, 1 white light potion, regeneration ring, poison dagger, fire wand, 9 black pearls, 12 mandrakes, 1 spidersilk, 4 garlics, 73 gold coins. Lightning whip. blue sleep potion, black invisibility potion, red cure potion.
  • Baths backroom: 3+5 food, 6 arrows, 3 flaming oil, 2 gold nuggets, 1 black invisibility potion.