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  • Companions: Jaana
  • Items: Rudyom's Wand, Blackrock (4x)

Go to Jaana's place (21S 65E) and get her to join. Take her equipment too. She is a very useful companion as she can give free heals/cures/resurrections/etc. about once a day. If she says she must rest just take a nap for a bit until she's rejuvenated her powers.

Now go to Rudyom's place (13S 70E, i.e. north-east of Jaana's) and ask about various things. Buy some spells if you wish, and be sure to pocket his wand and all four Blackrock pieces. They are critical to the plot. Note that the wand makes Blackrock explode; you can use it as a lighter version of a powder keg. However you need to ensure you still have some Blackrock spare for later.


Natassia's Father[edit]

(not done)


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Hoe of Destruction[edit]

Farmer Mack has the Hoe of Destruction in his shed (22S 25E) but the idiot went and lost the key while fishing. You can either go looking for it (you'll find a fish at 2N 48E) or else use the Powder Keg you stole from Chuckles' room back in the castle to blow the door down. The Hoe of Destruction lives up to its name, as it is one of THE most powerful weapons in the game.

Also double-click the downed spaceship in the nearby field to hear the Wing Commander theme song.

Cyclops Cave[edit]

  • Items: Lightning Wand, Ring of Regeneration

North of Cove (0 67E) is a cave crawling with Cyclopes. They won't attack you unless you go into the very northern area of the cave. You'll also find a wand there. Note that when playing under Exult magic wands never run out of power, so equip this to someone if you want. The cyclopes each carry 1-2 gold nuggets; this is a fairly decent source of income as they're much easier to kill than dragons.