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The meditation retreat[edit]

There are two ways to access the meditation retreat: one is to join the Fellowship (see: Fellowship & dungeon Destard) and receive a key; the other way is to fly inside the barrier with the magic carpet.

Ian, director of the meditation retreat, explains its purpose. Nobody else and nothing valuable can be found in or around the building.

The cave[edit]

North of the building is the entrance to a cave where, as you can imagine, the Cube Generator is hidden. This cave is much smaller than dungeons that concealed the previous two generators.

First, you will meet Gorn, a recurring companion since Ultima 5. This time, he will refuse to join the party, and if you insist, the Gurdian will order him to stop talking with you.

Then, you will meet Iriale Silvermist, who will ask you to leave. She will attack you, and you have to kill her.

If everybody is wearing caddellite helmets, you can safely reach the Cube Generator. Otherwise, the noise will deal more than 30 damage to each companion, thus killing them.

Inside the cube[edit]

Get ready the following equipment: a light source (e.g. a fire sword) and many healing potions.

The cube labyrinth is made of invisible walls and hidden triggers that open passages to the other squares. By trial and error, you should make it. You will have to do a full clockwise tour of the squares before you can reach the small cube.

The Guardian will speak a few times, but the Time Lord warned you that he is just trying to confuse you:

  1. "Yes, that is the proper direction to travel, Avatar!" On the contrary, four fire field traps and a dead end await you.
  2. "Do you really know where you are going, Avatar?" Indeed, you are on the right track.
  3. "No, no, no, think again!" Yes, yes, you are doing well.
  4. "Are you sure? Think again!" You are almost there!

Learning the truth[edit]

The Time Lord explains: using the small cube, people under the influence of the Guardian will tell you the truth.

Take a tour of all the Fellowship branches and talk to the members. Actually, just four of them respond to the cube: Klog of Trinsic, Batlin of Britain, Elynor of Minoc, and (more or less) Quan of Terfin. Out of the four, Klog is the one with the most interesting dialogue: he confesses the murder of Christopher, that is the quest that started the game.