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In Ultima VII, a large amount of dungeons and caves are optional areas. The party will pass near them on their way to other destinations. Thus, in this guide they have been included in the corresponding pages:

In particular, four of the seven traditional dungeons are now optional:

  1. Dungeon Deceit: mandatory
  2. Dungeon Despise: mandatory; swapped with Dungeon Shame
  3. Dungeon Destard: optional; part of the Fellowship side quest
  4. Dungeon Wrong: optional
  5. Dungeon Covetous: optional; access from Minoc
  6. Dungeon Shame: optional; swapped with Dungeon Despise
  7. Dungeon Hythloth: mandatory

The following four pages (see the Table of Contents) are about the optional areas that are far from main plot paths.