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A short visit to New Magincia[edit]

The main landing pier of Magincia island is at the westmost tip. From there, follow the road eastwards and turn to the north at the fork. Alagner's home is at the end of the road.

Ask the sage about his notebook, and he will ask you to do something for him first. In particular, he asks you to go to the ruins of Skara Brae and ask a question to the ghost known as the "Tortured One".

A detailed description of all side-quest and services can be found in the New Magincia page.

Ruins of Skara Brae[edit]

  • Population: 0 alive (10 undead)

The ruins of Skara Brae are located on an island off the west coast of Britannia. Follow the road that goes from Britain to Yew, but turn left at the fork.

Main quest[edit]

When you get to the ferry, the cloaked Ferryman will ignore you at first. Cast the "Seance" spell and pay 2 gold coins, and the Ferryman will transport you to the island. This area can only be reached this way: ships and flying carpet cannot land there.

In order to start this chapter's quest, you should talk with the ghost of Caine, the "Tortured One". He is located in the ruins of a building to the north-east. This is possibly one of the last buildings you will visit, so the quest will come wthout any big surprise: defeat Horance, the liche.

Caine will first send you to Mordra, who will walk through this chapter. If you get lost, here is a summary:

  1. Get three potions (black invisibility, red curing, red-and-yellow essence of mandrake) from Mordra's home and use them in Caine's laboratory to make a special potion.
  2. Bring the music box (found in the smithy ruins) to Rowena in the Black Tower, talk to her, then bring her wedding ring to Trent, talk to him, then bring him a bent bar from the graveyard, take the soul cage, bring this item to the Well of Souls and use the former on the latter (by double-clicking).
  3. Wait for midnight. The clock on the upper floor of the tower might be useful.
  4. A few minutes after midnight, use (double-click) the soul cage, then the special potion on the liche. The evil spirit will be exorcised and Horance 's mind will go back to normal.

A few deeds are still to be done. First, talk to Rowena and accompany her to her husband. Second, you should persuade the mayor Forsythe to jump into the Well of Souls in order to released the souls imprisoned there (after all, it was his mistake that caused the destruction of the city). Before he is persuaded, you should talk to every inhabitant of Skara Brae, including the Ferryman. Once Forsythe is accompanied to the Well of Souls and the latter gets destroyed, Horance will reward you with a firedoom staff... a weapon that is dangerous for your own party members!

Before you leave Skara Brae, remember to see Caine one last time and ask him about the answers to the questions of life and death.

Side quests[edit]

There is a magic axe in the westernmost ruined building, protected by a reaper.

In the Black Tower, the two skeleton guardians are equipped with magic axes: you should better fight and loot them.

In the cemetery there is a large crypt dedicated to Marney, Quenton's daughter. You can take the ring of invisibility in it, if you want. Next to it, another tomb is dedicated to the writer J. R. R. Tolkien. A lever is hidden next to the statue's hand. If you operate it, a secret door will open; inside, a nightstand holds all of the following:

  • Copies of Skara Brae quest items: soul cage, wedding ring, special vial.
  • Magic armor parts: body armor, helm, leggings, gloves, boots, shield.
  • Magic rings: invisibility, regeneration, 2 protection.
  • Two-handed hammer, death scythe.


The ghosts of Markham, Paulette, and Quenton haunt the building closest to the ferry pier. You could skip them, but it is more likely that they will be the first characters you talk to, instead.

Talking to Quenton and Mordra will reveal the truth about the death of the former in Ultima 6.


Two small dungeons, known as Spirit Tunnels, can be entered on the mainland near Skara Brae moongate.

The south cave is actually divided in two parts by a teleporter. The east cave can be used as a shortcut between Skara Brae and Britain.

  • Loot in south Spirit Tunnels:
    • Backpacks: ring of regeneration, gold nugget, 20 magic bolts
    • Stone circle: great dagger
    • South-west dead end: sword, bow, 3 arrows, leather collar, leather armour, leather boots, swamp boots, leather gloves, leather helm, kidney belt
    • Campfire: torch, 1 food (ham), gold nugget
    • South entrance: two-handed sword, two-handed hammer, two-handed axe, mace, 2 torches, 2 food (dried meat).
  • Loot in east Spirit Tunnels:
    • Backpack: torch, gold nugget.
    • North-west dead-end: orange awaken potion, 3 red cure potions.