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  • Population: 11

The island of Terfin can be reached by sailing south-west from Moonglow (or north-east from Minoc). The pier is on the southern shore.

For orientation purposes, notice that there is a crossroads straight north from the pier.

Main quest[edit]

Remember that you were asked to bring here the sad news of the death of Inamo in Trinsic. Draxinusom, lord of all the gargoyles, lives in a small house north-west of the crossroads. He will relay you to Teregus, who lives in the Shrine of the Principles, north from Draxinusom's home.

On the other hand, you should ask the local Fellowship leader about Elizabeth and Abraham. The Fellowship hall is the building north-east of the crossroads, and the leader is Quan.

Side quests[edit]

The tavern is near the landing. The tavernkeeper Forbrak tells you about two struggles in town: Fellowship vs. Old Principles and Winged vs. Wingless. He suggests the Avatar to ask the healer Inmanilem about the second problem. In the end, Silamo the gardener (in the island east) seems to be the only one who is unhappy, and he is considering to join the Fellowship. Therefore, this sub-plot ends into the other one.

Teregus the Shrine keeper heard about a plot to destroy the Shrine itself. Betra the provisioner says that only himself and Sarpling the apothecary (building east from the crossroads) have the material necessary to perform this act of vandalism. Sarpling has nothing to say on the matter... until you find a parchment in the chest in his room. This will lead to a fight with Runeb, the Fellowship clerk. You will ultimately earn 100 experience points.


  • Trainer & weapons dealer: Inforlem
  • Tavernkeeper: Forbrak
  • Provisioner: Betra
  • Apothecary: Sarpling
  • Healer: Inmanilem

Purchase any amount of reagents from Sarpling: they are the best deal in Britannia.

Inforlem is one of the most convenient trainers in Britannia.


Quaeven is trying to convert Betra, the provisioner, but if you speak to the latter, ou will learn his mistrust for the Fellowship.

Terfin mines[edit]

In the mines of Terfin, be careful when you start fighting against rats and bats: if any wingless gargoyles are nearby, they will attack you, too.

Gold nuggets spawn randomly in the mine.

  • Loot:
    • South-east hall: 6 torches, 7 powder kegs
    • North corridor: 2 picks, shovel, backpack with 1 mutton and 2 gold nuggets
    • West corridor: 3 backpacks with 7 food portions and 1 gold coin

Next destination[edit]

Quan directed you to the Meditation Retreat, that is just west from Terfin. However, the keeper will direct you to Buccaneer's Den without letting you in. If you continue to Buccaneer's Den, nobody there has anything to say about Elizabeth and Abraham.

Therefore, when you leave Terfin, it will be time to complete some Optional areas, maybe starting with the nearby Serpent's Hold.