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This is where the Game begins.

Your ship arrives via some strange teleportation and ends up beached. Say goodbye to it, because there are no ships or carriages in this game except when one is used to advance the plot.

Feel free to read the scroll from Lord British describing your items. Many of them are high-level items from Ultima VII: The Black Gate, including the powerful Ultima VII - SI - The Black Sword.png Black Sword from the Forge of Virtue expansion.

Walk southwards and a magic storm will rage again. One by one your companions are magicked away; when it strikes you it instead replaces your personal effects with strange and mostly useless items. It will take you most of the game to get them all back again.

Walk southwards some more until Thoxa appears and talks to you. She wishes to determine (through a thinly-veiled copy-protection check) if you truly are the Hero from Another World or merely an imposter.

Copy-protection answers[edit]

Question Answer
Spells in Ninth Circle 8
Different Armor Materials 4
Beasts in Erstam's Book 52
Types of Reagants 11
Reagants for Mass Death 6
Boil Ginseng how many times 40
Circle for Create Automata 6
Reasons for Erstams History 1
Characters in Ophidian writing 36
People from how many cities 4
How many cities established 3
Forces in Balance 6
Clans in Monitor 3
Types of Weapons 4
Words of Power 27
Letters in a woman's name 6

If you have saved before this point you might like to try failing her test and then talking to the people around you for some hilarious nonsense responses. Anyway, be sure to ask her about every topic listed for more information. After this another monk appears and fights her. Thoxa wins and both teleport away.

She leaves you with the Ultima VII - SI - Hourglass of Fate.png Hourglass of Fate, one of the most valuable items of all. It's like a portable Lord British; not only will it restore you to life if you die, but if a companion dies you can resurrect them on the spot. It's heavy (3kg!) but be sure to carry it with you at all times. You'll still be resurrected by the monks even if you leave it somewhere, but you can't raise companions without either using it or else dragging their corpses all the way back to Monk Isle.

Silver Seed note: the first time you are resurrected by the monks you will be given the Ultima VII - SI - Amulet of Balance.png Amulet of Balance. You can use this on any Serpent Gate (giant snake pictures on the floor) to travel to DeathWatch Keep. The Silver Seed has some useful items, so if you have the expansion it's probably a good idea to get deliberately killed and set off to solve it fairly early. Go in and get the Ultima VII - SI - Keyring.png Keyring if nothing else. It negates key-hunting and allows you to merely press K to (un)lock a door.
The Entrance is right from the Red Tree.

Only a little southwards from the fighting you'll find Shamino. Pick him up and continue southwards and you'll find a Magic Bow in place of a skeleton's head. Shamino theorises that the teleport storm swapped the two items.

Displaced Items[edit]

Shamino makes a list of the items. The others will add to this when you find them again.

Image Name Who Image Swapped with Who now have it
Ultima VII - SI - The Black Sword.png The Black Sword Avatar Ultima VII - SI - a ruddy Rock.png a ruddy Rock (Stoneheart) Paladin (Mountain of Freedom)
Ultima VII - Glass Sword.png Glass Sword Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Pinecone.png Pinecone Hazard (Frozen Lands)
Ultima VII - Magic Armor.png Magic Armor Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Breast Plate.png Breast Plate Kylista (Fawn)
Ultima VII - SI - Magic Helm.png Magic Helm Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Womans Fur Cap.png Woman's Fur Cap Frigidazzi (Moonshade)
Ultima VII - Magic Gauntlets.png Magic Gauntlets Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Silver Ring.png Ring Alyssand (Fawn)
Ultima VII - SI - Spellbook.png Spellbook Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Pumice.png Pumice (Furnace)
Ultima VII - SI - Blackrock Order Serpent.png Blackrock Order Serpent Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Fine Stocking.png Fine Stockings Stefano (Moonshade)
Ultima VII - Rudyoms Wand.png Rudyom's Wand Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Alchemist Apparatus.png Alchemist Apparatus Vasculio (Skullcrusher Mountain)
Ultima VII - Mutton.png Mutton Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Ice Wine.png Ice Wine Julia (Moonshade)
Ultima VII - Meat.png Meat Avatar Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png 7 Filari Delin (Fawn)
Ultima VII - Crossbow.png Crossbow Iolo Ultima VII - SI - Urn with Ashes.png Urn with Ashes Caladin (Monitor)
Ultima VII - Torch.png 6 Torches Iolo Ultima VII - SI - Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Unknown
Ultima VII - Magebane Sword.png Magebane Sword Dupre Ultima VII - SI - Blue Egg.png Blue Egg Penguin (Frozen Lands)
Ultima VII - SI - Dupres Shield.png Dupre's Shield Dupre Ultima VII - SI - Shield of Monitor.png Shield of Monitor Luther (Monitor)
Ultima VII - SI - Magic Bow.png Magic Bow Shamino Ultima VII - SI - Bear Skull.png Bear Skull (Monitor Beach)
Ultima VII - SI - Burst Arrows.png 34 Burst Arrows Shamino Ultima VII - SI - Odd Hairbrush.png Odd Hairbrush Pomdirgun (Goblin Village)
Ultima VII - Dagger.png Dagger Shamino Ultima VII - SI - Severed Limb.png Severed Limb Erstam (Mad Mage Island)
Ultima VII - Swamp Boots.png Swamp Boots Shamino Ultima VII - SI - Slippers.png Slippers Devra (Inn of the Sleeping Bull)

As a rule, returning a valuable item to its rightful owner has no purpose other than to "do the right thing"; most of the time you can keep what chance gave you and nick your original item from their house later on.

Also note that the items are literally swapped; if for example you give Ultima VII - Crossbow.png Iolo's crossbow to the Avatar before going through the storm it will be the Avatar carrying an Ultima VII - SI - Urn with Ashes.png Urn. You can use this method to get any useful items from Iolo (such as the money) straight away, rather than having to go through the whole ordeal to get to him.

On your way there you'll come to a red tree (152S, 27W). Walk northwards through the seemingly solid cave wall there and take everything you find. The Ultima VII - Sextants.png Sextant and Ultima VII - Lockpicks.png Lockpicks will come in handy very shortly, there is a lot more plot-driven breaking and entering in this game. Head eastwards after getting the loot and you'll come to a gate into the city of Monitor...

Reclaimed items[edit]

Ultima VII - SI - Magic Bow.png Magic Bow[edit]

The bear skeleton has the Ultima VII - SI - Magic Bow.png magic bow as its head (see above).