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There are fewer companions available to the Avatar in Serpent Isle as compared to the Black Gate. Typically, the Avatar can have at most four companions, but there is a time this limit can be exceeded, however the game may crash or experience general problems.

One way to obtain a fifth character is to kill an existing party member, recruit the new member, then resurrect the fallen member. This can also be done by casting Serpent Bond, then recruiting the new teammate and letting the spell wear off. If the party consists of more than six characters, the game will crash whenever the Combat Status Display is brought up.

Standard Companions[edit]

The main companions are absolutely necessary for certain sequences in the game, but the Avatar could be rid of them at other times. Most alternative companions fair poorly in comparison, though.

Ultima VII - SI - Dupre.png STR 22
DEX 20
INT 13
Combat 18
Dupre Level 3

Dupre: The strongest of the starting companions, he's the best starting melee character.

Ultima VII - SI - Iolo.png STR 15
DEX 24
INT 24
Combat 16
Iolo Level 2

Iolo: Starts with very low Strength, but good Dexterity. Somehow he became weaker than his starting stats in Ultima VII: The Black Gate. Due to his low health, he's best at the rear with a ranged weapon.

Ultima VII - SI - Shamino.png STR 19
DEX 23
INT 12
Combat 18
Shamino Level 3

Shamino: Splits the difference between Dupre and Iolo; he has somewhat better Strength than Iolo as well as slightly worse Dexterity.

recruitable Companions[edit]


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Ultima VII - SI - Automaton.png STR 20
DEX 10
INT 12
Combat 5
Automaton Level 1

Automaton: This metal constructs can be revived using the Create Automata spell. Their stats are fixed and they cannot be trained. Most status and environmental conditions do not affect them. They are only useful when any of the main companions are not available.

Ultima VII - SI - Boydon.png STR 30
DEX 12
INT 12
Combat 8
Boydon Level 1

Boydon: Starts with maximum Strength. Both his Dexterity and Combat can be maxed out if he reaches Level 8. Caution should be exercised in battle and during certain events as Boydon cannot be revived if he dies.

Ultima VII - SI - Petra.png STR 20
DEX 15
INT 20
Combat 7
Petra Level 1

Petra: Can join the party as part of the quest to the Temple of Discipline, however she isn't necessarily required. Therefore, she can be "tricked" into permanently joining the party by simply completing the quest without her, then asking her to join. Her stats are a little better than the average Automaton, but she can be trained.

Ultima VII - SI - Wilfred.png STR 20
DEX 15
INT 10
Combat 25
Wilfred Level 1

Wilfred: Located in Sleeping Bull, he can only join late in the game. He throws tantrums if he is badly wounded or is asked to leave the party. Wilfred will never re-join the party in either case, so he is basically a one-shot companion. He cannot even be revived with the Hourglass of Fate.

Ultima VII - SI - Gwenno.png STR 24
DEX 20
INT 24
Combat 16
Gwenno Level 1

Gwenno: Located in Monk Isle, but she join only after Dupre died.

Temporary Companions[edit]

Ultima VII - SI - Selina.pngSelina: Temporarily joins as part of quest, she'll leave the group if the Avatar strays too far from the objective.

Ultima VII - SI - Stefano.pngStefano: Joins during a quest in Mountain of Freedom, he's stats are abysmal. His lowest stat is Combat with a rating of two (2).

Ultima VII - SI - Mortegro.pngMortegro: At some point, he can join the party, but he is even weaker than Stefano. He can be added permanently by either abusing Serpent's Bond or the Hourglass of Fate. However, once he joins, he can never leave (unless he dies).

Ultima VII - SI - Sethys.pngSethys: Temporarily joins as part of quest, he'll die once he is outside. He can be added permanently by either abusing Serpent's Bond or the Hourglass of Fate.