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Exult has some additional controls that are not available in the original DOS version.

Keyboard What it does Notes
A Turn Audio on and off. not in Exult
B Open Spellbook (if you have one).
C Turn battle mode on or off.
E Turn egg mode on or off. only in Exult
F Feed someone (if you have Food).
G Show current money (requires an Abacus). only in Exult
H Change to Right-Handed Mouse and back. not in Exult
List all controls for Exult. only in Exult
I Show Portrait of the first Character.
Continue pushing I to show other Character Portraits.
J Show Jawbone.
K Use Keys on Keyring.
Alt + K Use all Keys you have. only in Exult
L Display Party Info (HP, MP, Combat and Strategy).
M Show World Map of Serpent Isle.
N Show Notebook. only in Exult
P Use Lockpicks (only if you have some).
R Show status bar at bottom left (pressing R again will
position it in the middle, then the right, and then turn it off)
only in Exult
S Bring up Save/Load Menu.
T Targeting Cursor.
V Display game version (or Exult).
W Display Time (requires Pocket Watch).
Z or Y Open Character Stats. Repeat to open other Character Status too.
 ↑   ↓ 
Walk around. Use with Shift to run.
Num 1-Num 9 Walk around. Use with Shift to run.
+ - Change the Brightness. only in Exult
Esc Close all open Container or bring up Game Menu. only in Exult
Space Pause the Combat. only in Exult
Alt + Q Quit the Game. only in Exult
Alt + X
Crtl + R Quick Restore. only in Exult
Crtl + S Quick Save. only in Exult
Crtl + Alt + S Take screenshot. only in Exult
1 2
3 4
5 6
Depend on the Number it show Character Protait of Char 1-6. only in Exult


Protect is the only positive effect. Some others like Invisibility aren't shown in status windows, only on the character, while some also cause a glowing outline around the character. In Exult the character's portrait will also glow (if portraits are enabled).

Pics Name What it does
Ultima VII - Charm.png Charm You are charmed.
Ultima VII - Curse.png Curse You are cursed.
Ultima VII - Hungry.png Hungry You are hungry.
Ultima VII - Paralyse.png Paralyse You are paralysed.
Ultima VII - Poison.png Poison You are poisoned.
Ultima VII - Protect.png Protection You are protected.
Ultima VII - Sleep.png Sleep You are sleepy.


There are several currencies on Serpent Isle: Monetari (Monitor), Filari (Fawn) and Guilders (Moonshade). Gold Coins are only used at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull. Money and other valuables can be converted into a different currency as shown below, but doing this incurs a fee (see tax rates). If you have the Second Circle spell False Coin you can make money when you need it instead of paying for conversion.

The conversion rate is like this: 1 Gold Bar = 2 Jewelry = 8 Gems = 20 Gold Nuggets = 200 Monetari = 400 Gold Coins = 600 Guilders = 800 Filari

Pics Name Monetari Gold Coins Guilders Filari Locations
Ultima VII - SI - Monetari.png Monetari - 2 3 4 All
Ultima VII - Gold Coins.png Gold Coins 0.5 - 1.5 2 All
Ultima VII - SI - Guilders.png Guilders 0.33 0.66 - 1.33 All
Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari 0.25 0.5 0.75 - All
Ultima VII - Gold Nuggets.png Gold Nugget 10 20 30 40 Devra (Sleeping Bull),
Bucia (Moonshade)
Ultima VII - Gems.png Gem 25 50 75 100 Devra (Sleeping Bull),
Bucia (Moonshade)
Ultima VII - Gems.png Gem - - 100 - Topo (Moonshade)
Ultima VII - Jewelry.png Jewelry 100 200 300 400 Devra (Sleeping Bull),
Bucia (Moonshade)
Ultima VII - Gold Bars.png Gold Bar 200 400 600 800 Bucia (Moonshade)

Tax rates[edit]

These people charge a small fee to exchange money.

Name City Rate
Devra Inn of the Sleeping Bull 2%
Bucia Moonshade 2.5%
Zulith Fawn 3%
Spektor Monitor 4%

Useful Items[edit]

Pics Name What it does
Ultima VII - Abacus.png Abacus G - shows current money (Exult only).
Ultima VII - Bed Roll.png Bed Roll Sleep wherever you want to.
Ultima VII - SI - Everlasting Goblet.png Food and Drink F - Satify your Hunger
Ultima VII - SI - Keyring.png Keyring K - Use all keys on the Keyring on a locked door or chest (Silver Seed only)
Ultima VII - Lockpicks.png Lockpicks P - Pick lock on door or chest. Will sometimes break.
Ultima VII - SI - Map.png Map M - show the World of Serpent Isle.
Ultima VII - Pocket Watch.png Pocket Watch W - Tell you the Time.
Ultima VII - Sextants.png Sextants Tell you where you are.


Color Name What it does
Ultima VII - SI - Red Potion.png Red Cure Poison
Ultima VII - SI - Orange Potion.png Orange Awaking
Ultima VII - SI - Yellow Potion.png Yellow Restore some HP
Ultima VII - SI - Green Potion.png Green Poison
Ultima VII - Blue Potion.png Blue Sleep
Ultima VII - SI - Purple Potion.png Purple Protection
Ultima VII - SI - Black Potion.png Black Invisibility
Ultima VII - SI - White Potion.png White Light
Ultima VII - SI - Redyellow Potion.png Red-Yellow Restore some MP
Ultima VII - SI - Blackblue Potion.png Black-Blue Cold-Resistance
Ultima VII - SI - Bluewhite.png Blue-White Curse