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For secrets added in The Silver Seed see The Silver Seed's Secrets page.

Hidden Intro[edit]

To view the hidden intro:

  • original: disable all sound. Return to DOS and enter intro hisss jive.
  • Exult: from the Exult menu, disable sound and voices, pick Serpent Isle and choose View Introduction

Either way, enjoy the fun.

Infinity Bow early[edit]

At the very beginning, run full speed down the beach. You will spot a stairwell to the right and at the very bottom will be an Infinity Bow. You should just have time to open your inventory and pocket it before the storm takes the last of your party (or you yourself) and dumps you on the real shore.

View Quotes/Ending Without Finishing[edit]

Simply create the files endgame.flg and quotes.flg, respectively, to enable these menu options.

Software Pirate[edit]

In the woods north of Monitor you'll find a tower (it's quite near the entrance to the Goblin Passages). The key is in a cave near the swamp if you want to go looking, or you can just break in. Inside you'll find Captain Stokes pirating Ultima VIII: Pagan! If you kill him you can get his Lightning Whip. The computer explodes if activated. There is some stuff upstairs, some of which is also trapped.

Ashes to Riches[edit]

Renfry is Forgetful
Make sure you talk to Renfry after performing each cremation or he'll only pay you for a single cremation.

Once you have talked to Lord Marsden for the first time you can now make 100 Monetari by cremating fallen Pikemen.

What they died of doesn't matter, and they constantly respawn. Pikemen not actually carrying pikes (such as the two that follow you at the very beginning) also count. Simply drag a single corpse onto the machine, pull the switch, then talk to Renfry to claim your money. Repeat as desired.

To be extra environmentally friendly (or just plain cruel) you can cremate the urns themselves to destroy them completely. In fact the cremation machine can permanently destroy any item, even quest items. Only the Black Sword is exempt.

Get Out of Jail Free[edit]

Once you know how to escape from each prison, you can freely commit whatever crimes you like and then just walk on out again.

  • Monitor: Move the skeleton and flip the switch it was covering. Head out the secret door, come back in the main entrance and colllect your stuff.
  • Fawn: Unlock the cell with the key in the desk to the north-east. If you didn't do this before your arrest simply use the Iron Maiden to commit suicide and be resurrected by Karnax. Remember that the monks sometimes send you far away from where you actually died, so this isn't always ideal.
  • Moonshade: Part of the northern wall opens when activated.

Here's how to escape from the jails in the various towns, so you can commit crimes with impunity. Note that if you commit another crime while inside the boundaries of the prison those present will state that you are unrepentant and fight you rather than arresting you. If you left the building and then came back later this doesn't apply.

When Animals Explode[edit]

  • Double-click a cat and it will meow. Keep clicking and it will explode.
  • Repeatedly double-click a sheep and the Avatar will go over and hump it, causing his companions to exclaim "Thou art SICK!"
  • Dogs, cows and fish don't do anything.


There are two named animals in the game, a dog called Buster in Fawn (NPC 260) and a cat called Smudge in Monitor (NPC 261). They have high health so are far tougher if you attempt to attack them. Being a cat, Smudge can be easily killed with the usual trick.

False Coins, True Riches[edit]

Once you have the spellbook there is an excellent Second Circle Spell called False Coin (1 Ultima VII - Nightshade.png Nightshade, 1 Ultima VII - Sulfurous Ash.png Sulfurous Ash). Simply cast it on a stack of coins to create five duplicates. Despite what the description claims you can make clones from clones. It also works on any currency. For best results duplicate Monetari (the most valuable currency), exchange for Guilders, and buy up every spell in Moonshade. With the Ultima VII - SI - Ring of Reagents.png Ring of Reagents from The Fiend's Lair (if you have The Silver Seed) you can duplicate Guilders directly and rest to regenerate your spell points if necessary (or just buy a restoration potion with your cloned cash).

Dreams DO Come True[edit]

When you enter the Land of Dreams, you arrive empty-handed and without your party. You also can't take any of the wonderful items you find there out of the dream world with you... or can you? Before entering Gorlab Swamp cast Serpent Bond. Your party will leave you, so slither deeper into the swamp until you succumb to the gases. When you awaken in the dream world you're still a snake, but shortly after you return to normal and your party members will return.

Now you can go around and collect all the amazing things in the dream world, this time for keeps. You'll find a full set of magic armor, an Infinity Bow and various other neat things. During your looting be sure to not give any items to the Avatar other than the three symbols, otherwise they will be lost when you leave the swamp.

Because of the way equipment is given in the dream world you can make a clone of the Helm of Courage if you wish. Simply remove it from Avatar while in the dream world and then leave the dream world without completing your task first. Repeat as necessary until you have all the Helms you want.

Exult's SI Fixes package fixes this.

Disarm Magic-Users[edit]

There's a secret way to render any magic-user harmless. Once you have the Seventh Circle Spell Vibrate (1 Ultima VII - Black Pearl.png Black Pearl, 1 Ultima VII - Bloodmoss.png Blood Moss, 1 Ultima VII - Mandrake Root.png Mandrake Root, 1 Ultima VII - Spider Silk.png Spider Silk) simply cast it on the enemy and all their spells (which are actually equipped as weapons) will fall to the ground. They'll then have only hand-to-hand attacks. This also works with any enemies with equipped magic determining their attacks.

Spare Chaos Heirophants[edit]

In the burned-out building near the Bank of Britain you'll find several ghosts. Talking to any of them results in talking to the Chaos Hierophant, a plot-critical character you are supposed to meet in an entirely different place much later in the plot. Talking to these clones before the proper time comes will enable flags that shouldn't be activated yet, so this is not recommended. This strange bug was never fixed, even when The Silver Seed was released. Exult's optional SI Fixes package does fix it.

Reviving Dupre[edit]


Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Yes, it's possible. After he is dead, return to Spinebreaker and head for the doors leading into the Chamber of Lights. Use the Hourglass of Fate and Thoxa will say some of your companions are missing. Amazingly, she reconstitutes Dupre's ashes in the process. He will then merrily join you for the rest of your adventure. Despite not making any sense story-wise, this doesn't actually cause any in-game problems.

This also works with Selena, since technically she was also companion. Simply die while carrying her and she will be resurrected. This has some unexpected results though, so don't expect her to stay for long. If you use the Hourglass while in Spinebreaker the game will get stuck in a loop (or at least the DOS original will).