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Sunrise Isle[edit]

Map of Sunrise Isle
Balance is everthing.

Now you got all you need and are ready to enter the final area. Enter it over the Dark Path. Under the Serpent Gate is a book that tells you of Temple of Balance. It'll tell you what to do for the puzzle in this room. Put a red and blue glass serpent on the scales in front of the doors north and south to get 6 Items: Torch, Flower, Heart, Golden Chain, Dagger and Abacus.

Go outside the room and go west to find a pedestal with a book on it. Read it to learn what to do with the 6 Shrines in this area. From there, go south all the way to find the Pedestal of Discipline. Place the flower on it. In the bottom left corner is a locked Chest with 6 torches inside (useless at this point). Go north from the book, then west, north, west, west to find another book in a Circle of Blackrock. Go north, east to find the Pedestal of Ethicality and place the golden chain on it. Go back to the second book and continue east, south, east, south, west, south, west, north to find the Pedestal of Emotion, put the abacus on it to complete the shrines on the west side.

Now go to the east side of the map and go east, south, east, north, east, south. Put the serpent dagger on the Pedestal of Enthusiasm. Go back to the East-Entrance and go East, North, East, South, East, North to reach the Pedestal of Logic. Place the Heart on it. Go East, North, East, North, East, North, East, North to reach the Pedestal of Tolerance. Place the Torch upon it to complete the 3 Puzzle in the East.

Once you placed the last of 6 Items on any Pedestal it will turn in a Book. Take it and go back to the Main Area. Go North and stand between the 2 Pillar and read the Book. Cross the Ice Bridge and read the Book again between the Pillars.

This is the last time you can turn back, before you cross the Bridge. Once you cross it, you can never return back!

Temple of Balance[edit]

You are almost there. Go West all the way to fin a Room with a Chest trapped in Energy Field. Dispell it and it has Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Vibrate Scroll, Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Create Ice Scroll, Ultima VII - SI - Infinity Bow.png Infinity Bow and a Book that tell you how to solve the next Puzzle. The Bag has Green Key and some Reagents. Now go East all the Way and unlock the Chest with the Green Key to take Serpent Candle. Now go back and place it on the Ice Pedestal. The Ice Wall will crash. Get one Chunk of Ice and the Ice Diamond. Go now to Fire Pedestal and place Chunk of Ice on it and get the Fire Gem.

This is where the Backpack with important Stuffs are.
There is a Backpack hidden which you can only see when you are in the Rooms near the Cube of Fire. Inside are all Serpent Stuff and also all 3 Blackrock Serpents. So use this only if you forgot any important stuff since you cant go back anymore.

Place both Gems on the Pedestals in the Entrance Hall to open the Door to the North. First go upstairs and push the right Button. Go back down and go through the Illusion Wall besides the Stairs. Use the Dispell Illusion, if needed. Push the Button and go South and cast Telekinese on the Button next to the Heart. Now step on the right Teleport Pad and go in the next Room and push the Button next to the Abacus. Unlock the Door and go downstairs and destroy the Trap on the Chest before taking the Key of Fire. Take the Teleporter back and go through the Illusion Wall and go upstairs and press the left Button. Get the Key from the left Chest. Cast Telekinesis again on the Button near the Torch.

Go down and unlock the Door, but before entering cast Destroy Trap on the Chest. Take two Cube of Ice and Key of Ice with you. Then take the Teleporter again. Go downstairs and use the Key of Ice on the Door to get two Cube of Fire. Now place all 4 Cubes on the Pedestal to make a Teleporter appear. Read the Scroll what you must do next. So wear all Serpent Stuff on yourself and step on the Teleporter.

Shrine of Balance[edit]

Now strike the Statue and you're done with Serpent Isle.

The Great Earth Serpent will talk to you and tell you to place the Serpent Crown, Armor and Staff on the Altar. Do so and you will receive the Order Serpent Eye and the Door to the Wall of Light will open. On the left Side are 6 Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scrolls: Mass Death, Death Vortex, Summon, Spiral Missiles, Imbalance and Time Stop. On right Side are these Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scrolls: Fire Snake, Invoke Snow Serpent, Fire Ring, Serpent Bond and Swordstrike. There is also another Ultima VII - SI - Infinity Bow.png Infinity Bow.

Go North in the Middle and the Order Serpent will interrupt you with a bunch of Ultima VII - SI - Magical Ice Creature.png Magical Ice Creatures. Dispatch them and continue to reach the Serpent Statue. Place the Blackrock Serpents into the Slots. Now the Great Earth Serpent tell you to place both Eyes on the Altar. The Great Earth Serpent will tell you to slay the Statue next. Use the Ophidian Sword to destroy the Statue. You have completed Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle!



You, The Avatar, will be teleported alone in the Void with the Destruction of the Serpent Statue. You see how the Chaos Serpent battle Order Serpent for a while, but then the Great Earth Serpent come up from below and united both Serpents (see Pic) and thus prevent the Destruction of Serpent Isle and other Worlds. The Guardian, mad over your Victory, grab you and disappear. He will throw you in the World Pagan.