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Temples of Chaos[edit]

All 3 Temples of Chaos are also in Frozen Lands and their Locations are:

  • Temple of Enthusiasm (80N, 140E)
  • Temple of Emotion (21N, 50E)
  • Temple of Tolerance (61N, 63E)

Temple of Emotion[edit]

Temple of Emotion

Talk with the Green Ghost on the Wall. She will tell you what to do to get Water of Emotion and to free her from her Fate. Collect the 3 Lodestone in this Temple and destroy the broken Column near the Ghost to get the last Lodestone. Place all 4 Lodestone on the Pedestal near the Water and use a empty Bucket to fill it with Water of Emotion. Now use it to make Prism of Emotion.

Temple of Tolerance[edit]

Mortegro got swapped with the Pedestal which make Water of Tolerance and that mean the Pedestal is in Moonshade in Gustacio's Basement and not in this Temple.
How to get to Mortegro.

This is where Mortegro landed. Talk to him and he will ask you to rescue him out of the Temple. If you do that, he will reward you with the Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Summon Shade Scroll. In the Backroom are Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Serpent Bond Scroll and a Key. Go downstairs to the South. The Prison Cells can all be unlocked with the Key you found upstairs.

Talk with Sethys in the southernmost Cell to learn that he lost the Key for the Winch Room. Cast Serpent Bond (or use the Scroll you found upstairs) to enter te Tunnel to the West. Pick up the Key and pull the Lever to exit the Treasure Room. There are 22! Ultima VII - Gold Bars.png Gold Bars, 3 Ultima VII - Gold Nuggets.png Gold Nuggets, 2 Ultima VII - Jewelry.png Jewelry, 2 Ultima VII - Gems.png Gems and 490 Ultima VII - Gold Coins.png Gold Coins. Exit the Room and get the Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Cold Blast Scroll off the Ground.

You can also skip all the work to search for the Key by casting Telekinesis on the Winch.

In the Winch Room is an Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Invoke Snow Serpent Scroll and pull the Winch to drop the Bridge to Mortegro. Open 2 secret Wall to the Bridge. Go to Mortegro and talk with him again to receive the Summon Shade Scroll. You can also buy Mass Might, Death Vortex, Imbalance and Mass Death from him if not already done in Moonshade, besides he will sell his Spell for half the Price now.

If your Party is not full, then he will ask to join you to return home, but once you set a Foot outside he will disappear again, so it's best to not bother with him, after you got the Summon Shade Scroll and buying all Spells you need from him.

Temple of Enthusiasm[edit]

Temple of Enthusiasm

Upon entering the Temple you will be hurt by a Lighting. Go through the Maze to reach the Checker Room. Destroy the Traps near the Chest and use the Key from the Chest to unlock the Door North. There is a Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Translation Scroll and Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Great Light Scroll in Library. Use a Bucket on the Well to fill it with Water of Enthusiasm and use it on the last Prism. Now you have all 3 Prisms ready and the Black Sword repaired. So its time to hunt the Banes who are hiding in the Castle of the White Dragon.