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Ultimate Spider-Man ch15 intro.png
Try to keep up with Beetle by keeping on top of buildings.
Use long-range attacks on Beetle when he takes out his laser swords.

After the short cutscene, the battle will start off with a chase. Beetle attacks Venom. Chase after the flying villain by using Venom's tendrils to zip forward and Venom's super jumps. Try to keep on top of the buildings to keep a good view of your target, otherwise the arrow will do its job and lead you to him. After a bit of chasing, the battle will begin with a cutscene. Beetle smashes through the window of a warehouse, and Venom follows him in.

The battle is pretty simple in format but can get annoying. Unfortunately, considering the warehouse is empty, there will be no one to feed on here - try to beat him before Venom's time runs out. First, you should start off by grabbing his floating mines and throwing them back at him with your tendrils while dodging his laser blasts. After all the bombs have been thrown at him, start attacking. To evade the lasers, simply walk away from him, then run underneath him. By doing this he should miss you every time. Once you are under him, whip him with your tendrils 2 times. If he blocks then hit him again. After those two hits he will use his shield move so get out from under him and repeat the process. Soon he will come closer to the ground. At this point get under him and upper-claw him to send him flying. Do this twice in a row and then get out of there before he uses his beam sword attack. After a lot of laser dodging and upward whipping you should be able to win the match.